Record Keeping by Digitization

headshot Rauschby Andrew Rausch

The problem most people have with using anything digital in the bee yard is that, like anything else in the bee yard, it gets coated in that lovely mixture of stick, stain, and gum we call propolis which, incidentally, is nearly impossible to remove from certain items. There is, however, a way around this inconvenience. The use of a stylus makes touching your screen or keys, as the case may be, unnecessary and comes with the added benefit to people with fat fingers like I have, of hitting only one letter at a time.

While double entry finds usefulness in the accounting world, as a beekeeper I would just as soon avoid it if possible, but if I use paper to record hive inspections I know that I will have to copy my notes to the computer or risk not being able to find them later when I need/want them. For this reason, I prefer to put them on the computer or some digital device in the first place and not have to worry with moving them over when I get to the house.

All styli are not equal, some do well with sliding motions such as handwriting but poorly when it comes to pressing “buttons” on a touch screen and with others the reverse is true. One stylus that does very well with anything that I’ve tried it on is the Maglus stylus – you can see it here c — though likely not the only one capable of great results, I have one that I really like so I did some asking and now I happen to have insider information that one of these will be given away at the July summer meeting at Clemson. The stylus not only works well as an extra (and clean) finger, but it also has a built in magnet that will work with several cell and tablet cases and comes with an extra magnet that can be adhered to a non magnetic cover or placed in the pocket of your bee jacket –like some of us already do to hole our hive tools.

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