Newsletter February 2016

Keeping up with South Carolina Beekeepers is fun!  Remember to pass this on to your non digital beekeeper friends.
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Many beekeepers are sharing their winter losses.

Beekeepers are reporting seeing red and yellow pollen being brought into the hive.

Bee Packages & Beginner Classes are being offered.

Wall Street Journal Reporting Beekeepers are leaving the Beekeeping Profession because massive losses.  Click here to read

Zach Kelehear of Z’s Bees was interviewed on a local Columbia TV Station.  Click here to view video


Summer Meeting

Summer Meeting is July 23-25 at Clemson. If your company would like to sponsor a speaker or donate door prizes please contact Steve McNeely 704-564-5701 or


Public Service Credits
Maybe you are looking for opportunities to serve the public to get your receive your Public Service Credits. You can serve at the State Level by contributing articles for the State Website, helping to maintain website, helping at the state conferences, and volunteering at the State Fair. Click here to download form

Winter                   Management
by David MacFawn

David MacFawn gave us a great resource document in December.  This month David has continued the information for SC Beekeepers.  This article speaks to Splitting Hives.
Click here to open article.

Click to open Winter Management

Changes in State   Website

We have three new pages that will help SC Beekeepers.  Click here to see.  The strategy is to place all the great information on the website and then link it to newsletter.

More information will be showing up as Member Pages.  There are privileges in being a SC State Member.

We are now entering your Master Beekeeping Stats so you can go to your profile and see your Master Beekeeping Level and scores. Click here to see your profile.  {Member_Profile_URL}

Please let our non digital beekeepers know that they now can access all the information on the website.
Clemson’s Voluntary Beehive Mapping Program

Click here to see the program

Spring Meeting– Get Registered Today
Feb. 5-7 Union Agriculture Center, Monroe NCThe NC/SC Joint Spring Meeting is sponsored by the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association.  REGISTER online today for the conference online or download the registration form (deadline for mail in is January 31st).  There will be hundreds of beekeepers there learning from some great speakers.  All of your favorite Vendors will be there.  Call ahead to place your order and pick up at Conference. Many of our SC Vendors will be there too.
Registration Form

Executive Committee Meeting will be held on Feb 6 at 4:00pm the Conference.  All State Membership is invited to sit in.

Journeyman Class Offered
Starts March 26 through May 14
Furman CollegeThis class is offered to those beekeepers that have successfully accomplished the Certified Level of the Master Beekeeping Program. Registration will close at 50 or March 14, which ever comes first.  Click here to view requirements.  For those that have already signed up here is your link to study materials….click here.
February Beekeeping
Beekeeping CalendarThe Queen still remains in the cluster and as the days become milder, she begins to lay more eggs. The previous protein (Pollen Patty) is used to feed young larva. These bees will hatch out of the cell in 21 days. When young bees are being raised and days are warm the bees will consume more food. At this time, the cluster will begin to grow in size. A Varroa Mite & Foulbrood inspection should be done and a proper evaluation of “Queen Activity”. By Mid February, you should see bees carrying natural pollen into the hive. When this occurs, the Queen will also begin to lay drone Eggs (Unfertile eggs) these drones will hatch in 24 days.  Check food stores(pollen and honey)
Treat for Varroa Mites or Foulbrood if needed.  Begin a “Bloom Calendar” to document pollen and nectar flow. Lastly,
Attend Bee Meetings, Assemble Equipment
and Order Queens.
A Paradigm Shift
by Andrew Rausch

Queen Management

While it is true that  “the time to requeen a colony of bees is when the queen is failing, regardless of time of year or season,” it is also true that most of us would prefer to preempt that queen failure in order to maintain colony health and good production. So following this line of reasoning, there has to be some “best” time of year to requeen our colonies and a majority of beekeepers have settled on Spring as this “best” time –and with some pretty good justifications such as starting the year off with a young queen that will lay lots of eggs, an easier introduction given the likely presence of a nectar flow, and that is when the queens are most readily available.  Please read more….
Need to Fill Open Position for Treasurer 

SCBA has an open position to fill.  This is an Executive Board position.  It is a very important position in which it requires the ability to maintain the month to month finances for SCBA.  Because the position requires dedicated time, the Exec. Board is offering a stipend with benefits.  If you have been looking to get involved this is your opportunity.  Click here to view Qualifications and Duties

2015 Membership

On Behalf of the Executive Committee, Thank you to everyone that renewed their State Membership.  We also want to give a shout out to the Bundle Admins that update each clubs State Members.  We appreciate You!

Invoices In Your Inbox
Members that renewed their State Membership through their local club will begin seeing an invoice in your email inbox.  You can print this invoice for taxes.  If you renewed through Annual membership, you have already received your invoice. Click here to see your State Membership Profile.   This invoice is an official document issued by the SCBA.  You can use this document for tax purposes.

Member Profile
Your SCBA Profile is listed below. Your records are secure and we do not share them.  They cannot be seen by other members and are never shared to vendors or outside sources.  Your Local Club’s Bundle Admin, receives your information from your membership application and enters it.  If you see anything incorrect please log in and correct your information.

Beekeeper Classes & Bee Package Offered
This is an exciting time of year for beginner beekeepers.  We encourage the experienced Beekeepers to help with mentoring. And did you know with all the Bee Packages offered, there will over 1,000 packages & Nucs being installed by the Spring Honey flow.  If you are looking for a beginner class click here.  If you are looking for Bee Packages, check out all the SC Beekeeping Store fronts …click here

Attention Teachers: please send Walt Perrin the number of students so we can plan for certificates.
Also you have a resource page for the New Certification Manual.

Attention Students: We have a page just for you.  Browse through Beekeeping Resources and download to your media device.  Click here