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April 2016 Newsletter
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SCBA 2016 Summer Conference

Bee Well Honey Farm presents SCBA 2016 Summer Conference

The Summer Conference is coming together for a great weekend with a few hundred of your beekeeper friends.  We are also expecting beekeepers, growers, and the general public.  This is going to be a lot of fun and you are going to have a front row seat.  The Program Committee will open registration April 8.

Things to do right now:

  • Book your hotel room or campsite now
  • Find a roommate
  • Look over the conference information
  • Volunteer for Conference
  • Tell others about conference
  • Summer Conference Flyer…click to view

WE need door prizes.  We have a letter for you to print and give your local business for any type donation.  Dear Beekeeping Supplier.pdf


If you have a question about the benefits of membership….here is your answer….A year in the life of SCBA with benefits.pdf


Membership Total: 1392 and 23 Clubs.  Your state membership profile is important to to be maintained.  Bundle Admins will add new members and update any records that have changed.

November Financial Balance Sheet: 

General Fund $54,685.67 Research $10,814
Money Market $8,018,
Master Beekeeper Program $7,091
Paypal Account $577
Total $80,610

Executive Committee Meeting

SCBA Business meeting was Feb 5 in Columbia, SC  March 5 2016 Meeting Minutes.pdf.  The next Executive Meeting will be in April and June.  Please contact your Local Rep if you are interested in attending.

Minutes from last meeting …click here   March Spring Meeting ….click here

Larry Haigh’s President’s Message…click to open

Check List for New Local Associations – click here

Business Sponsorships & Business Memberships

SCBA now can offer Businesses Memberships for $50.  SCBA is asking businesses to partner with them to help fund SCBA Honey Bee education.  What they get for their membership is a digital image space on the website, newsletter and all printed SCBA publications. These memberships are renewable each year.

SCBA offers Business Sponsorships to any business, civic group and/or individuals.  Funds collected will go to SCBA Honey Bee education. These sponsorships relate to the Spring and Summer Conferences.  Sponsorship amounts are Queen-$3k, Worker-$1.5k, Drone-$1k. and Colony-$300.  Business Sponsors also include Business Membership.   These funds are used for speaker fees, and conference related expenses.
Master Beekeeper Program

Journeyman Class
The Journeyman Aiken Class began March 26. It will conclude on April 23.   There are 22 students.

Beginner Beekeeper Classes
Beginner classes are underway and concluding this month.  Class Facilitators should send the dues in from the class-$10 for State dues & $5 for Test (next year it will be $10 for test).

Journeyman Review @ Summer Conference
If you are a beginner or seasoned beekeeper it is always good to sit thru a review class.  These instructors have been working on their presentations and doing a great job.

Got a Master Beekeeper Program Question?
David E. Arnal, Principal
Destination Developments, LLC
(843) 384-2803 [voice]

Healthy Hives
Some new and seasoned beekeepers are getting a fresh start with new colonies.  As soon as the colony is installed, it is go time.  A lot of things have to happen during these moments to make sure the queen & colony gets a good start.

Sugar Syrup is a great way to supplement their feeding till they can begin to store nectar.  Lower the Ph of the syrup by adding a drop or two of Apple Cider Vinegar.  The workers are building comb, caring for the queen and feeding each other.  If you subscribe tosupplements like pollen patties, essential oils, take it under advisement that what you start will be necessary to consistently provide.

Nectar Flow
According to the hivetool.net the scale in Lexington gained 4 pounds in one day on 3-28-16.  It is safe to say that the nectar is beginning and will continue to strengthen over the next few days.

Lift Test
Always always feel the weight increase.

The queen is laying eggs for workers and drones.  Her job is increase the colony.  When you open the top for an inspection give her a thumbs up and let her keep working.


As the queen leaves her eggs n the cells, the workers begin to feed the eggs Royal Jelly. The workers will see to it that the eggs stay viable throughout the maturation process.

Workers are maintaining all systems in the hive and keeping everything warm and fed.

 Article from the State by Andrew Moore
Published March 24, 2016

The 39-year-old Blythewood man is a beekeeper and a businessman. Derrick spent 18 years creating flavors for Lance foods and fragrances for Yankee Candle and Bath & Body Works before trading his corporate job for more time at home with his family and a new hobby of beekeeping.

“My grandfathers kept honeybees when I was younger, and it always intrigued me,” Derrick says. “But I never got to do much with them because I was so young. And that memory always sat in the back of my mind. So I just started one day.”

In 2004, Derrick started a honeybee removal service calledBlythewood Bee Supply Co. Since then, he’s climbed into attics, up trees and into other uncomfortable spaces to remove buzzing hives plaguing residents.

Around this time, Derrick also translated his olfactory abilities into products for beekeepers.

After three years of trial-and-error experiments, he had a eureka moment. Using a honeybee pheromone called nasonov, Derrick created a spray called Swarm Commander to attract honeybees to a designated area. It is now sold across the United States and internationally in Australia, New Zealand and Sweden.

Derrick also began selling protective suits, smokers, hive frames and his pheromone liquids through an online store. But as orders piled up, so did the complaints from his family that the house smelled like Swarm Commander.

He had to expand.

Derrick opened a brick-and-mortar shop in Blythewood a month ago, making it the third beekeeping supply store to open in the Midlands. It has become the meeting place for the Blythewood Beekeepers Association, a group he started two years ago for the area’s beekeepers.

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Cold Remedy Recipe

Sharing a video of a cold remedy that uses honey.  I wanted to something that would cut the effects of a cold if I ever got one.  Well my throat started to get scratchy.  I already had this remedy made up and in the fridge.  So i heat the water and pour in the remedy with some of the juice in my favorite cup.  It was soo delicious, now i drink it everyday.  And yes it definitely helped squash the scratchy throat.  Here is the recipe:

Slice 2 Lemons, 1 Orange

2 inches of fresh ginger

1 tbsp Tumeric

1 cup of raw honey

Mix together in a bowl.  The mixture will become syrupy.  Place all ingredients into a glass jar and keep in the fridge up to a month(if it last that long).  Pour mixture out into mug and pour hot water over, stir and enjoy the goodness!

Video by Honeysuckle….watch video

You are welcome! Submitted by Cynthia Robinson

Bee Culture Article shared by Dennis Iskra on Facebook


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