2017 Summer Vendors and Sponsors

2017 Summer Vendors and Sponsors

Hosting Sponsor

Company Name:

Bee Well Honey Farm, Beekeeping Supplies, commercial pollination

Bee Well Honey Farm

Bee Well Honey Farm

Owner/Contact:  Kerry Owen 2016 SC Farmer Of The Year

Contact #:  864-898-5122

Email:  beewellhoney@bellsouth.net

Founder of :
Bee Well Honey Farm & Supply
Bee Well Honey & Natural Market
Bee Well Honey Bee Supply
Bee Well  Honey Bottling & Distribution
Bee Well Land Improvements LLC
Bee Well Beauty Products
President Elect SCBA

Products:  Commercial beekeeper, honey producer, beekeeping supplies

Social Media:  Facebook, Twitter


Major Sponsor

Commercial Beekeeping,

Gardner Apiary

Company Name: Gardner Apiary

Website:  Gardnerapiary.com

Gardner Apiary
Phone:  912-367-9352
email:  spellbee912@bellsouth.net

Products:  Sells packages, nucs and queens

Major Sponsor

we know bees, beekeeping supplies

Mann Lake Ltd

Company:  Mann Lake Ltd


Contact: Paul Medina
Email: beekeeper@mannlakeltd.com
Phone: 800-880-7694
Social Media: Facebook  Twitter: @mannlake

Products: Mann Lake Ltd has wide range of quality beekeeping supplies for the backyard beekeeper all the way up to the commercial beekeeper.


Speaker Sponsor

Bee Supplies

Johnson’s Bees & Supplies SC Beekeeping Business

Company Name:

Johnson’s Bees & Supplies

Website:  www.johnsonsbeesandsupplies.com

Conact/Owner:  Allen Johnson

Phone:  803-645-6725
Email:  johnson_9555@msn.com
Social Media:  facebook, instagram

Products:  Beekeeping supplies and equipment


Speaker Sponsor

Quality Beekeeping Supplies

Brushy Mountain Bee Farm

Company Name:

Brushy Mountain Bee Farm

Website address:  Brushy Mountain Bee Farm

Contact:  Candy Treadaway
Phone : 1-800-233-7929
Email:  candy@brushymountainbeefarm.com

Products:  High quality beekeeping supplies

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Googlet, Instagram


 Speaker Sponsor

Beekeeping Supplies

Miller Bee Supply

Company: Miller Bee Supply

Website: MillerBeeSupply.com

Contact/Owner:  Beverly Miller

e-Mail: info@MillerBeeSupply.com

Phone: 336-610-2249




Speaker Sponsor

Bee Hive Thermal Industries

Company: Bee Hive Thermal Industries

Website: www.beehivethermalindustries.com

Contact/Owner:  Lynn Williams
Email: lynn@beehivethermalindustries.com
Email #2:  lynnw1@shtc.net
Phone: 803-504-9313
Social Media: Facebook

Products:   thermal mite killer & winter warmer



LD Consulting, Inc

Company Name:  LD Consulting, Inc.
Contact Name:  Heyward Baker & Lana Cusick
Phone:  816-506-7691 & 843-356-0670
Email:  lanacusick@hotmail.com

Service provided:  We provide producer education on crop insurance and other risk management strategies.




Company Name:



Business Website address: www.nass.usda.gov

Contact name:  Eddie Wells

Phone:  803-734-2506

Email:  edwards.wells@nass.usda.gov

Social Media: Twitter, Facebook

What are you selling? Promoting Agriculture and Census



HonestBee Hives

Company Name: Honey Bee Hives

Website:  www.HonestbeeHives.com

Contact/Owner:  Kim Wood

Email:  kim.wood@honestbeehives.com

Phone:  (919) 244-8306 (mobile)

Products:  Honestbee Hives offers insulated food-grade polypropylene hives and beekeeping essentials


Bee Club Sales

Company:  Bee Club Sales

Website:  www.beeclubsales.net
Contact/Owner:  Michael Barbera
Email:  mike@vwdcorp.com
Phone:  910.639.3801
Social Media: Facebook

Products:  Bee tools and equipment.


Beetle Jail

Company:  Miller Bees Mfg.

Website:  www.beetlejail.com

Contact/Owner: David Miller

Email:  davemillerbees@gmail.com

Phone: 731.695.6960

Social Media: Facebook

What are you selling?  Small Hive Beetles traps and controls, Beekeepers Ventilated Jackets, Swarm Troopers (Swarm Traps) other specialized beekeeping equipment



The Bee Hive Butler

Company:The Hive Butler, LLC

Website: www.thehivebutler.com

Contact/Owner: Tracy Pielemeier

Email:  thehivebutler@gmail.com

Phone: 317-847-4872

Social Media:

FB:The Hive Butler
Instagram: thehivebutler
Twitter: @TheHiveButler

What are you selling?  Brand-new product, The Hive Butler, the ultimate storage and transport box for beekeepers. Food-grade, heavy-duty, working to protect your investment, even when you’re not! Please watch the video on our website. We have been vendors at Michigan State, SW Ohio, Indiana as of 4/1/17.



Hannah Grams

Company:  Hannahgrams Boutique

Business Website: hannahgramsboutique.etsy.com

Name: Hannah Davis

Email: hannahgramsboutique@gmail.com

Phone: 8658067813

Social Media: Hannahgrams Boutique on Facebook and Instagram.

What are you selling?  I do customized shirts, decals, mugs, and more. I make them to order right there for the people so they choose what shirt color, design, and design color and I make it just the way they want it.




Company: WG Bee
Contact/Owner:  Linda Wyatt
e-Mail:  wytgrp@embarqmail.com
Phone: 336-616-2113

What are you selling?  Bee T-Shirts, Bee Jewelry, Honey Pots, and related Bee items.



Company: Books and More
Contact/Owner: Frank Wyatt
e-Mail: wytgrp@embarqmail.com
Phone: 336-616-7044

What are you selling? books and related items
Bob Cole of BC Books has retired and we have purchased his business.


The Bee Shop

Company: The Bee Shop

Website: www.thebeeshop.com

Contact/Owner:  Brian Drebber
e-Mail: info@thebeeshop.com
Phone: 404.210.4844
Additional Contact: Michael Varvaro

Social Media: drebbieville hives

What are you selling?  Bee Hives and accessories





Company: OxaVap LLC

Website:  OxaVap.com

Contact/Owner:  Lawrence (Larry)Welle
e-Mail: law@oxavap.com
Social Media: OxaVap

What are you selling?  Oxalic Acid Vaporizers