2017 Summer Vendors and Sponsors

2017 Summer Vendors and Sponsors

Our Vendors and Sponsors help to bring the speakers and Conferences to SC Beekeepers.  A portion of what they pay into the Summer Conference, goes to Steve Tabor Fund – Youth Education Program.  This provides grants to SC Bee Associations that are teaching youth and providing their start into beekeeping.  This program has given $8,500 to SC Youths in two years.

Hosting Sponsor

Bee Well Honey Farm, Beekeeping Supplies, commercial pollination

Bee Well Honey FarmCompany Name: Bee Well Honey Farm

Owner/Contact:  Kerry Owen 2016 SC Farmer Of The Year

Contact #:  864-898-5122

Email:  beewellhoney@bellsouth.net

Founder of :
Bee Well Honey Farm & Supply
Bee Well Honey & Natural Market
Bee Well Honey Bee Supply
Bee Well  Honey Bottling & Distribution
Bee Well Land Improvements LLC
Bee Well Beauty Products
President Elect SCBA

Products:  Commercial beekeeper, honey producer, beekeeping supplies

Social Media:  Facebook, Twitter

Major Sponsor

Commercial Beekeeping,

Gardner Apiary

Company Name: Gardner Apiary

Website:  Gardnerapiary.com

Gardner Apiary
Phone:  912-367-9352
email:  spellbee912@bellsouth.net

Products:  Sells packages, nucs and queens

Major Sponsor

we know bees, beekeeping supplies

Mann Lake Ltd

Company:  Mann Lake Ltd


Contact: Paul Medina
Email: beekeeper@mannlakeltd.com
Phone: 800-880-7694
Social Media: Facebook  Twitter: @mannlake

Products: Mann Lake Ltd has wide range of quality beekeeping supplies for the backyard beekeeper all the way up to the commercial beekeeper.

Speaker Sponsor

Bee Supplies

Johnson’s Bees & Supplies SC Beekeeping Business

Company Name:

Johnson’s Bees & Supplies

Website:  www.johnsonsbeesandsupplies.com

Conact/Owner:  Allen Johnson

Phone:  803-645-6725
Email:  johnson_9555@msn.com
Social Media:  facebook, instagram

Products:  Beekeeping supplies and equipment

Speaker Sponsor

Quality Beekeeping Supplies

Brushy Mountain Bee Farm

Company Name:

Brushy Mountain Bee Farm

Website address:  Brushy Mountain Bee Farm

Contact:  Candy Treadaway
Phone : 1-800-233-7929
Email:  candy@brushymountainbeefarm.com

Products:  High quality beekeeping supplies

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Googlet, Instagram

 Speaker Sponsor

Beekeeping Supplies

Miller Bee Supply

Company: Miller Bee Supply

Website: MillerBeeSupply.com

Contact/Owner:  Beverly Miller

e-Mail: info@MillerBeeSupply.com

Phone: 336-610-2249



Speaker Sponsor

Bee Hive Thermal Industries

Company: Bee Hive Thermal Industries

Website: www.beehivethermalindustries.com

Contact/Owner:  Lynn Williams
Email: lynn@beehivethermalindustries.com
Email #2:  lynnw1@shtc.net
Phone: 803-504-9313
Social Media: Facebook

Products:   thermal mite killer & winter warmer

Speaker Sponsor

Company:  Horizontal Hives

Website:  horizontalhive.com

Contact/Owner:  Dr. Leo Sharashkin
Phone: (815) 301 1845
Email: bees@horizontalhive.com

What are you selling?  Horizontal Hives, Books, Natural Beekeeping, Honey plants, Presentations

Speaker Sponsor


Dadant & Sons

Website: www.Dadant.com

Contact/Owner:  Patrick Ferrer
Email: pferrer@dadant.com
Phone: 1-800-220-8325

What do you sell?  Complete line of Beekeeping Equipment & Gifts


LD Consulting, Inc

Company Name:  LD Consulting, Inc.
Contact Name:  Heyward Baker & Lana Cusick
Phone:  816-506-7691 & 843-356-0670
Email:  lanacusick@hotmail.com

Service provided:  We provide producer education on crop insurance and other risk management strategies.

Bag Sponsor


Company: Farm Bureau

Website:  www.scfb.org/

Service Provided:  SC Farm Bureau is a grassroots, non-profit organization celebrating and supporting family farmers, locally grown food, and our rural lands through legislative advocacy, education, and community outreach.


Additional Vendors



Company:  Carolina Farm Stewardship Association

Website:  www.carolinafarmstewards.org

Contact/Owner:  Katie Welborn  SC Policy Coordinator

e-Mail: katie@carolinafarmstewards.org

Phone: 803-360-3358

Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/carolinafarmstewards

Twitter:  @carolinafarm

Instagram: @CarolinaFarms

What are you selling?  We are giving away stickers, information about our Farm Services for members, information about spraying notification/pesticide applicator policy in SC.

We are “selling” membership to the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association and admission to our Sustainable Ag Conference that will be held in North Carolina this Fall.

Company Name: USDA


Business Website address: www.nass.usda.gov

Contact name:  Eddie Wells

Phone:  803-734-2506

Email:  edwards.wells@nass.usda.gov

Social Media: Twitter, Facebook

What are you selling? Promoting Agriculture and Census

HonestBee Hives

Company Name: Honey Bee Hives

Website:  www.HonestbeeHives.com

Contact/Owner:  Kim Wood

Email:  kim.wood@honestbeehives.com

Phone:  (919) 244-8306 (mobile)

Products:  Honestbee Hives offers insulated food-grade polypropylene hives and beekeeping essentials

Bee Club Sales

Company:  Bee Club Sales

Website:  www.beeclubsales.net
Contact/Owner:  Michael Barbera
Email:  mike@vwdcorp.com
Phone:  910.639.3801
Social Media: Facebook

Products:  Bee tools and equipment.

Beetle Jail

Company:  Miller Bees Mfg.

Website:  www.beetlejail.com
Contact/Owner: David Miller
Email:  davemillerbees@gmail.com
Phone: 731.695.6960
Social Media: Facebook

What are you selling?  Small Hive Beetles traps and controls, Beekeepers Ventilated Jackets, Swarm Troopers (Swarm Traps) other specialized beekeeping equipment

The Bee Hive Butler

Company:The Hive Butler, LLC

Website: www.thehivebutler.com

Contact/Owner: Tracy Pielemeier

Email:  thehivebutler@gmail.com

Phone: 317-847-4872

Social Media:

FB:The Hive Butler
Instagram: thehivebutler
Twitter: @TheHiveButler

What are you selling?  Brand-new product, The Hive Butler, the ultimate storage and transport box for beekeepers. Food-grade, heavy-duty, working to protect your investment, even when you’re not! Please watch the video on our website. We have been vendors at Michigan State, SW Ohio, Indiana as of 4/1/17.

Hannah GramsCompany:  Hannahgrams Boutique

Business Website: hannahgramsboutique.etsy.com

Name: Hannah Davis

Email: hannahgramsboutique@gmail.com

Phone: 8658067813

Social Media: Hannahgrams Boutique on Facebook and Instagram.

What are you selling?  I do customized shirts, decals, mugs, and more. I make them to order right there for the people so they choose what shirt color, design, and design color and I make it just the way they want it.



Company: WG Bee
Contact/Owner:  Linda Wyatt
e-Mail:  wytgrp@embarqmail.com
Phone: 336-616-2113

What are you selling?  Bee T-Shirts, Bee Jewelry, Honey Pots, and related Bee items.


Company: Books and More
Contact/Owner: Frank Wyatt
e-Mail: wytgrp@embarqmail.com
Phone: 336-616-7044

What are you selling? books and related items
Bob Cole of BC Books has retired and we have purchased his business.

The Bee Shop

Company: The Bee Shop

Website: www.thebeeshop.com

Contact/Owner:  Brian Drebber
e-Mail: info@thebeeshop.com
Phone: 404.210.4844
Additional Contact: Michael Varvaro

Social Media: drebbieville hives

What are you selling?  Bee Hives and accessories


Company: OxaVap LLC

Website:  OxaVap.com

Contact/Owner:  Lawrence (Larry)Welle
e-Mail: law@oxavap.com
Social Media: OxaVap

What are you selling?  Oxalic Acid Vaporizers

Company: University of Georgia Table

Contact/Owner: Jennifer Berry

What are you selling:  T-shirts

Company: Dadant & Sons

Contact/Owner: Clint Gay

What are you selling? Beekeeping Supplies