Join the Association

cropped-logo-scba.pngAnyone with an interest in bees and pollinators in South Carolina is encouraged to join the South Carolina Beekeepers Association.

SCBA publishes a monthly newsletter, provides continuing education through the Certified Beekeeper Programs and seminars, offers educational programs throughout the state, and supports the important work of local chapters.

The level of experience of our members does not matter. Every beekeeper started somewhere, and we believe that strong beekeeper mentoring is critical in supporting the future of our bees.

A one year membership to the association is only $10. We encourage members to also be members of a local association near you. (Look at map.)  As you become a member of a local bee club, you can pay your state dues at the local level.  Click here to apply for membership.

Join by Mail

To join through the mail, click here to download the form, and send, along with payment to:

c/o Marie Arnal
PO Box 21298
Hilton Head Island, SC  29925


Frequently Asked Questions

How do become a member?

On the Membership Page, select the ‘Next’ button.  The Next Page ask for your email and to enter the Security Check Phrase.  You will be asked to make a PayPal transaction for a non-recurring $10 charge.  This membership is renewable in January.  Once you have made your payment, you will be asked to sign with a password. You will receive a reminder to renew in December of each year.

Once I become a member, what then?

Each time you visit the site sign in.  You will be able to explore the site without restrictions.

Should I join the state through a local club? 

If your local association collects state dues, we recommend it.  Your local association can offer many benefits for you. You may have trouble or a question about your hive or procedure, nearby beekeepers can help you.  You may also get local deals on sugar, honeybees, queens, etc.

This is a big step in the right direction.  We need more people to become beekeepers and keep bees.  We need more to care about honey bees.  We need more people to plant good bee food.