Journeyman Beekeeper

This is the second level of the Master Beekeeper program. The beekeeper should be functioning as a competent beekeeper with the skills and knowledge to be able to move into sideline beekeeper if they desire.

The beekeeper must master the certified level before taking the journeyman level.

  • Must have two years of beekeeping experience
  • Pass a written and Practical test

In the Journeyman practical exam, the beekeeper may select any five assignments listed below and must pass four of them.

  • Score a jar of honey as if you were a honey judge.
  • Read three pesticide labels and determine which is safest to use near bees
  • Identify items related to beekeeping
  • Examine a honey label for errors
  • Distinguish between bees, wasps, hornets, from pinned specimens
  • Identify selected anatomical structures of the honey bee
  • Identify several odors related to beekeeping
  • Identify parts of a flower from a diagram or live flower

Must complete five units of public service work in beekeeping – Certified Public Service Credit Form 

The following is a list of types of public service credits that may be credited towards the requirements of the Journeyman level of the Master Beekeeper program.

  • Programs on beekeeping and related topics to non-beekeeping groups
  • Programs on beekeeping and related topics to school groups
  • Presentations at SCBA or Clemson-approved programs to beekeeping groups
  • Publication of beekeeping and related topic articles in journals, newsletters, etc.
  • Serving as an officer/director of a county/local beekeeping organization
  • Construction of an exhibit or working at a beekeeping exhibit open to the public
  • Assisting 4-H members and other youth with beekeeping projects

Review Journeyman Study Materials.