Journeyman Study Materials

We have collected past presentations from Journeyman classes and posted them for you to study. If you study these and read your textbook, you will do well on the written test and practical test. 

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Summer Conference Presentations

Journeyman Study Guides 

cover hive and honey newStudying Ahead of Time. Yes by all means study notes from your certification class. The Journeyman class takes the certification class to the next level, requiring more biological, scientific and environmental details. If you have a The Hive and The HoneyBee begin reading now (borrow someone’s book). Open the attached syllabus and take note of the teaching sessions. Read up on information pertaining to those topics.

Look at the Hive and The Honey Bee that was published in 1853

This is where your Tablet or iPad is great to have. To access the study material, click the links below and read or absorb online OR download to your device.

History of Honey Bee & Race 

Honey Bee Anatomy & Physiology

Honey Labeling/Packaging/Regulations 

HoneyBee Pest and Disease

Queen Rearing

Swarming and Swarm Control

Honey Bees and their Relatives

Pollination and Flowers

Pesticides and Regulations