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Taking the funds collected from the conferences and sponsorships, we make a difference in the lives of young people that are interested in beekeeping. As an established beekeeper, you know the investment it takes. Help youth today become the beekeepers that will carry on the honorable traditions of beekeeping.

The Youth Education Committee looked at the number of state members in each official association, and determined the money that each club received for youth grants. the amount of grants are shown below. your membership drives are important to have all your members input.

2016 Grants

Aiken – $140.00

Assist 2 schools of fourth and fifth graders at a science day focusing on insects ad pollinators.

Beaufort/Jasper – $278.76

Number of youth involved, approx. 18. Youth will learn to harvest a variety of products from the beehive – beeswax, propolis, and honey. Youth will work together to create health and body products, including lip balm, herbal salves and/or lotion bars.

Charleston Area Beekeepers – $676.99 

Provide Education Outreach on Honeybees and Beekeeping to two interested area school groups throughout the school year; one session per month will be presented for each selected group (January thru March). The Charleston Area Beekeepers Board of Directors will review applications that were due by September 30, 2016. The 2 selected school groups will receive 6 one-hour Beekeeping Education Classes presented by Tom Knaust and Tami Enright.

Charleston Community Bee Gardens – $444.69

Hold 2 one week long Junior Beekeeper camps. Each camp would have about 15 participants. At the end of the camp, each camper would have opportunity to purchase equipment and supplies at a reduced rate.

Lakelands Beekeepers – $650.44

Provide 2 to 3 youth a beginner beekeeping course and supplies and bees to get started.

Lancaster County Beekeepers Association – $544.25

Work with county extension agent, 4-H and Youth Development to hold 4 workshops during the summer of 2017 for youth under 18. The topics will be Honey Bee Science and Pollinators.

Oconee County Beekeepers Association – $418.14

Provide 3 youth a certified course and supplies/bees needed to get started in beekeeping.

Piedmont Beekeepers Association – $245.58

Number of youth involved – 15 to 20. Grant money will be used to purchase bees and supplies to get a colony started in some recently donated wooden ware. Piedmont already has an active youth group; this colony will be used to help teach these youths how to get started beekeeping.

Wateree Beekeepers Association – $350.00

Doby’s Mill Elementary school has an observation. The robotics team will install an electronic monitoring system into the observation hive that will allow the entire school to monitor what the bees are doing inside the hive.

York County Beekeeping Association – $603.98

Will sponsor two youth to take the York 2017 Certified course, then provide the 2 students with the supplies to get each the hives, supplies and bees to start a colony of bees.

SCBA Youth Education Committee Bylaws


The mission of the SCBA Youth Education Committee is to promote Honey Bee awareness and Beekeeper training programs for Youth under 18  in South Carolina. The Committee will work closely with SCBA Member Local Associations to provide a portion of the funding for a wide range of youthHoney Bee education programs. This grant program is only available to SCBA member Local Associations, however Local Associations may choose to host a youth Honey Bee or Beekeeping education program given by an Association outside SCBA such as 4H, scouting groups or others.  

Committee Members

The Committee shall be comprised of a Chairperson and three to five Members appointed by the SCBA President. Term of office for the Chairperson shall be three years and they will be listed as an Ad-Hoc Member of the SCBA Executive Committee.

Annual Grant Process

Annually, at the SCBA November Executive Committee meeting, the Executive Committee will deposit a portion of conference Sponsor money into the Steve Tabor fund to be used for SCBA Local Association Youth education grants.  

In the first quarter of each year, a Youth Education Grant Application form will be sent to each SCBA Member Local Association President with a defined dollar amount of funding available to their Association. This amount is determined by the total number of SCBA Members in that Local Association for the calendar year.

The completed application form from each participating Local Association shall be returned to the SCBA Youth Education Chairperson for Committee review. The YEC shall insure that a fair and transparent process was used when selecting programs and or individuals and that the age and program viability criteria have been met.

At the May SCBA Executive Committee meeting, all YEC approved grants shall be presented to the Executive Committee for approval. Upon approval, grant money will be dispersed from the SCBA Steve Tabor Fund by the SCBA Treasurer to each Local Association receiving a grant for the year.

Roles and Responsibilities

SCBA Officers and Executive Committee

The SCBA President shall make appointments as necessary to the YEC to maintain at least four total members from multiple areas of the state.

The Executive Committee shall approve funding amounts into the Steve Tabor Fund annually and review grant recommendations from the YEC annually.

The SCBA Secretary shall annually establish the total SCBA Local Association membership for the entire state as of January 31st of each year. This number will be divided into the total amount deposited into the Steve Tabor fund each year to determine the per member eligible amount for each Local Association. (example: Tabor Funds = $5,000, Total SCBA Local Association Members = 1,400. $5,000 divided by 1,400 = $3.57 per member. A Local Association with 100 SCBA Members would be eligible to receive up to $357 in YE grants for the year.) 

The SCBA Treasurer shall disperse approved Youth Education grant funds to the Local Association.    

Youth Education Committee Chairperson

  • Shall be the point of contact for the SCBA Executive Committee and serve as Ad-Hoc Member.
  • Annually, present recommended grants to SCBA Executive Committee for approval.
  • Set dates, times and agenda for YEC meetings.
  • Shall be responsible for the distribution of YE grant forms to each SCBA Local Association with eligible funding amounts listed.
  • Participate in grant application review process and distribute or communicate applications to other YEC Members.
  • Coordinate the development of Youth Education program models that can be used by Local Associations.

Youth Education Committee Members

  • Serve as voting member of YEC and participate in annual grant application reviews from Local Associations.
  • Participate in development of Youth Education Program models that can be used by Local Associations.
  • Provide coaching to Local Associations on Youth Education programs when requested and solicit feedback on the effectiveness of YE programs.
  • Attend YEC meetings during SCBA conference sessions.
  • Participate in online meeting discussions with other YEC Members.

SCBA Local Associations

  • Select a Youth Education program or individual for funding in the calendar year.For individual Apprentice type programs, preference should be given to Youth who are not currently part of a beekeeping family. However, the final selection remains with the Local Association and should not exempt Youth from the beekeeping family. Some Youth may want to seek advanced beekeeping skills.
  • Complete application form from SCBA Youth Education Committee and send back to YEC Chairperson.
  • Follow a fair and transparent selection process for programs and individuals.
  • Insure that Mentors are screened and skilled at mentoring.
  • Use approved funds for expenses associated with selected Youth Education program or individuals.
  • Provide feedback to YEC on effectiveness of selected programs for the year.

YE Program Mentors and Students

  • Mentors should use accepted best practices when teaching beekeeping skills and SCBA Master Beekeeper Program knowledge training and testing.
  • Individual students should provide a report back to the Local Association at the completion or discontinuation of their program.

Download the Youth Education Program Grant Application.

Download the Youth Education Program Bylaws.