Africanized Honey Bees
November 19, 2018
Native Bee Apiculture
November 19, 2018
  1. Switch to and document use of IPM (integrated pest management) in personal beekeeping operation
  2. Pass (80% or higher) a practical (hand’s on) examination of bee pests/diseases
  3. Provide pollination services for gardener (not self) or commercial fruit/nut/vegetable grower (must be able to document)
  4. Plant bee-friendly garden in public area (such as library, town square, etc.)
  5. Become a certified South Carolina Master Gardener
  6. Document knowledge (either through written examination, creating of extension bulletins, etc.) of honey production/processing and other products of the hive, including value adding theory
  7. Document that you are rearing queens according to best management practices
  8. Attend instrumental insemination course
  9. Document proficiency in USDA guidelines
  10. Pass (80% or higher) examination of mating biology and bee genetics

* Tutorial refers to presenting a short (15 minutes or less) presentation to one to three MBP appointed
examiner(s) demonstrating your understanding of the subject matter and your ability to present the material to another or a group. The opportunity to present a tutorial requires the candidate to schedule their presentation with the SCBA MBP by June 1st and is only offered at SCBA summer conferences.Tutorials should include written material, a post test, and a PowerPoint.


** Practical examination refers to a hands-on demonstration presented to one to three MBP appointed examiners(s) demonstrating your ability to perform a specific task. The MBP may ask the candidate to demonstrate a related specific task during the candidates practical testing. Ex. During a colony inspection for assessment of diseases/parasites/pests the candidate may be asked to perform an alcohol wash.

Practical exams may satisfy no more than two credits at any MBP level. Requests for Practical exams to complete major/minor credits must be made by June 1st and will only be offered at SCBA summer conferences.


*** Exam with regard to major or core credits refers to a testing of knowledge. It may be in the form of a written test or an assigned term paper or other assignment demonstrating the individual’s through understanding of the subject matter. Exam credits may satisfy no more than two credits at any MBP level. Exams must be requested by June 1st in advance of written and oral testing at SCBA summer conferences.