Re-Testing Protocol
November 19, 2018
Reciprocal Certification Recognition Policy
November 19, 2018
  1. Candidates for Journeyman Level and above should complete Public Service Credits throughout the year
    and compile documentation in a Personal Beekeeping Portfolio. The Candidates for Journeyman, Master, and
    Master Craftsman Level should also include the documentation of Major/Minor Core Credits. The entire
    Portfolio is to be submitted for review to the MBP Committee PRIOR to taking the candidate level
    exam. Periodic electronic submission of credits to the MBP Committee via email is highly recommended in
    order to ensure adequate documentation and fulfillment of requirements.
  2. Each level is required to use the appropriate “Cover Sheet” to organize and summarize their credits (see
    APPENDIX J PROGRAM FORMS). This Cover Sheet serves as a table of contents for your documentation of
    achievement in your Beekeeping Portfolio.
  3. The key to presenting all credits – public, major/minor core – is adequate documentation of the

    1. Note: All materials should be presented in a neat, professional, and well-organized Personal Beekeeping
      Portfolio with all original forms and documentation. Upon completion of review, the MBP Committee
      will return your Portfolio. The Master Beekeeping Program Director/Committee reserves the right to
      accept or reject documentation during program audits of the SCBA Master Beekeeper Program.
  4. Two items of supporting documentation are required for EACH Public Service Credit. Primary
    documentation is represented by original media: conference programs, testimonial letters from third parties,
    newspaper clippings, photographs, or video recordings. Secondary documentation is represented by the Public
    Service Credit Form which should include contact information for the activity coordinator and his/her signature.
    Incomplete forms may not be accepted.
  5. In order to provide adequate time for review of Personal Beekeeping Portfolios, the MBP Committee may
    set a deadline for Portfolio submissions (June 1st) PRIOR to the testing of any level. If a candidate is not able to meet the deadline, the awarding of any earned achievement may be delayed until the next State Conference.