MASTER Level Beekeeper
November 19, 2018
Summary of Requirements needed to achieve each level in the South Carolina Master Beekeeper Program
November 19, 2018

A. Must be a current South Carolina Beekeeping Association Member.

B. Must have held the Master Beekeeper rank for at least 2 years and should have been a beekeeper
at least 6 years.

C. Must have 15 additional Public Service Credits beyond that required for a Master Beekeeper (see
APPENDIX B Public Service Credit Requirements). “Extra” public service credits obtained while
certifying for the Master Beekeeper Level cannot be applied to the 15 total public service credits
needed to achieve Master Craftsman Status. These credits must be earned following the completion of
the Master Level.

D. Must satisfy 5 additional new Core Credits toward your declared major (for a total of 8 credits
toward major – 3 credits were completed in the Master Beekeeper level). We refer to these as “major
core credits” (see APPENDIX C Major Core Credit Requirements).

If candidate changes major, he/she must re-declare new major with the MBP Committee, and still
satisfy 8 total credits toward new major unless previously acquired credits overlap with new major.

E. Must demonstrate expertise in 8 additional new Minor Credits outside your major (for a total of
16 minor credits outside major – 3 credits were completed in the Journeyman Level and 5 credits were
completed in the Master Level). We refer to these as “minor core credits.” These credits may be
chosen from APPENDIX D Minor Core Credits OR from other majors (other than the declared major) to
fulfill the core credits requirement ( see APPENDIX C Major Core Credit Requirements). A single
submission may only be counted ONCE for credit and may not receive dual credit within multiple areas
(PSC, major/minor core credits). All credits are to be submitted prior to testing.

F. Must demonstrate Communication Skills (see APPENDIX E Communication Skills
Applicable for Master Craftsman Level).

G. Must pass an oral examination. The candidate is to present his or her research project at a SCBA
Conference in a breakout or plenary session with an opportunity for question/answer following the
presentation. Among those attending the MBP Committee will select Master Craftsmen and
beekeeping academics and provide them with evaluation forms for assessment of the candidate’s
presentation. An overall averaged assessment of 80% or greater will be considered a passing oral
examination. All required credits including the Research Project must be submitted PRIOR to
scheduling the Oral Examination.

H. Must complete an approved Research Project. Please see APPENDIX I RESEARCH PROJECT –
Master Craftsman Level Only for guidelines.