Beekeeping Portfolio and Documentation Guidelines
November 19, 2018
RESEARCH PROJECT – Master Craftsman Level Only
November 19, 2018

The SCBA will not issue certification to duplicate an equivalent certification achieved by another certifying
agency, however, the outside certification may be considered as foundation for the next equivalent level in the
SCBA MBP and evaluated on a case by case basis by the MBP Committee based on the following criteria:

  1. Submission and verification of level certification including documentation and contact information for
    certifying agency.
  2. Submission of supporting documentation of beekeeping public service and any beekeeping projects that may qualify for credit as a major/core credit.

CERTIFIED LEVEL: Most Certified Level certifications may be accepted as sufficient for a new SCBA member to
begin working toward their Journeyman Level Certification.

JOURNEYMAN, MASTER, MASTER CRAFTSMAN: Due to the vast differences in the various beekeeping programs, testing most likely will be required for the Journeyman, Master, and Master Craftsman Levels. In order to maintain the integrity of the SCBA MBP, we must insist that the level of mastery is achieved before awarding the level certification.

Public Service Credits are a valuable component to the success of the SCBA MBP and the development of its
participants. The huge volume of volunteer hours required to fully educate our membership and provide solid
beekeeping instruction to the community mandates that we require these credits for new members who may
have already achieved the Journeyman, Master, or Master Craftsman Levels from another agency. This also
gives us an opportunity to observe and verify that the candidate’s beekeeping practice is in line with our stated
best beekeeping principles.

A member who moves into South Carolina with a Master or Master Craftsman Level certification will be
recognized as such but will not be given an automatic SCBA certification. If a member desires to earn this
certification from SCBA MBP, then the member must complete all of the requirements of that level in SCBA
MBP. No automatic reciprocal certifications will be issued based on another agency’s certification.
Any questions or concerns regarding certification reciprocity should be submitted to the SCBA MBP for

     This policy was adopted by unanimous vote of the SCBA Executive Committee, May 18, 2018