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SCBA Board of Directors Meeting 6/03/2022
June 3, 2022
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July 2, 2022

EAS Report – May, 2022

The EAS Conference “Being Social, Again” will be held  August 1-5, in Ithaca, New York

There was some confusion due to a posting on the Bee-L listserv but the conference is indeed happening! Upstate New York is quite a distance and expense for most yet, there are at least 7 registrations from South Carolina at this date, no doubt more to follow.  The conference promises to be excellent as it returns to its full, pre-covid format. It will be a full five day immersive experience with short courses, lectures, labs, honey show, and socials. 

I will be sitting for my EAS master beekeeper exam. If it weren’t for the support of many, especially Larry Coble, David McFawn, Steve Genta and Susan Crook, I don’t think I would attempt the challenge. As always, I encourage as many South Carolina Beekeepers to register for the conference.  Road trip!

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Simpson

South Carolina EAS Director