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The South Carolina Master Beekeeping Program was founded in 1995 through the coordinated efforts of Dr. Mike Hood, Professor Emeritus of Entomology, Clemson University; David MacFawn, NC Master Craftsman Beekeeper; and Steve Genta, SC Master Beekeeper and Sr. Welsh Honey Judge.  The program was created to provide students with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to become successful beekeepers and to enable them to share their enthusiasm and knowledge with the general public.

A successful beekeeper is one who can keep their bees alive for at least one year despite the challenges of climate, diseases, and pests.  Beekeepers who participate and complete training programs like the SC Master Beekeeping Program are better equipped to meet the demands of modern beekeeping.

The SC Master Beekeeping Program is divided into four distinct levels with each one progressively more difficult than the previous level both in terms of knowledge and skill which are determined through a series of written and practical testing. A key component to the program is the required Public Service of honey bee education to the general public and the beekeeping community.

MBP Manual

Certified (beginning) Level Beekeeping Classes are held at the local level across the state throughout the year. For information regarding classes in your area, please contact your Local Beekeeping Association.

Advanced training on the Journeyman, Master, and Master Craftsman Levels are offered through our state conferences as well as through classes and seminars periodically offered on the regional level.  Details are posted under Events.

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