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Meeting Minutes

SCBA Executive Committee Meeting

November 1, 2019 Minutes

SCBA Executive Committee Meeting Minutes – Nov 1, 2019 


Kerry Owen
Bryan Owens
John Gardner – York
Steve McNeely – York
Wendy Gray – Aiken
Bill Butts – Oconee
Allen Steele – Chester
David Miller – Anderson
Wesley Bommer – Midstate
Chuck Marion – Lakelands
Bennie Copeland – York
Karry Edmonds – Spartanburg
Susan Jones – Master Beekeeper Program
Brad Cavin – Clemson DPI
Ben Powell – Clemson Extension
Gary Moore- Lancaster
Henry Lowrimore – Blackwater
Larry Coble – Midstate
Sheryl Brousseau – Ridge
David MacFawn – Midstate
Brian Motley – Wateree
Nancy Simpson – Charleston
Rosalind Severt – Wateree


Kerry Owen – Called Meeting to Order – 9:58 am

John Gardner – Opening Prayer

President’s Update – Kerry Owen

  • Welcomed first time people to the meeting.
  • Appoint Committee to review By Laws – Bill Butts/Glenn Tyler
    • If anyone has any input, please see Bill or Glenn
    • Bill Butts says he found 1 small change so far.
    • Membership Dues are not currently in the bylaws
  • Nominations Committee – Bill Butts/Glenn Tyler
    • President – Elect
    • Vice President
  • Spring Meeting we will vote on Membership Dues increase to $15 will go in effect for 2021
  • Accountant update for non profit status
    • Filled out last of paperwork and sent to IRS
  • Youth Education program – Jeff Blackwell has stepped down. Jim Strohm has agreed to head up Youth Education Program.
    • Kerry says the information is a little convoluted to accurately get the club information so we can explain to the associations.
    • We are not currently getting information
    • Susan suggested we send out Yearly affiliate email that they submit by Jan 1, 2020
      • Edit Youth Education Application form – change this to include:
        • Ask for Officers
        • Ask for Total number of members
        • Ask for Total number of SCBA members
      • Kerry will ask Jim Strohm to have an updated process by next meeting
  • EAS Representative
    • Nancy Simpson would be interested in being the EAS Representative. Kerry is appointing Nancy Simpson as the EAS Representative.
    • Kerry will send her all of the EAS information to get her started.
    • Kerry thinks we upped the EAS budget to $1000. Will verify.
    • Will be in Maine this year. Steve says Nancy needs to know the expenses to attend will be more than budget and she will be responsible for all expense above $1000.
  • Kathy Little agreed to remain State Fair person.
  • Kerry metioned to  David McFawn – confusion over where the meeting location will be for spring.

Spring Meeting – Danny Cannon 

    • Danny says we are scheduled to go to GBA building in Columbia. Danny suggested that for the foreseeable future we’ll keep  the summer meeting in Anderson. Discussed about moving the Spring meetings around the state. The Baxter building is not available for 2020. Danny would like to have 2 day spring meeting. Feels like we short change ourselves with vendors, etc. Going forward, Steve mentioned the Gateway Center in Chester on I77. It is available Feb 28, 29, 2020, but it’s a substantial increase in cost. 2 day cost is $18,500. We can fill out a form for non profit and we would save 20%. The facility is extremely nice. Main ballroom 400-600 people, 2 smaller ballrooms, take risk and not rent the 2 smaller rooms and we could save money. However, if someone rents the other rooms while we are there, we would not be there alone. Danny asked if we should pursue this.
    • Kerry said 2 day is awesome. But, we’re late in the game to change.
    • Danny said we have 1 speaker nailed down. Ben can get 2 speakers from Clemson. Danny is trying to get a more recognizable name.
    • With the cost of the rooms, travel, speaker fees, if we have 400 people, it’s $37.50 per person to attend to break even.
    • Last time we used Baxter, per Steve, we had 700 people attend.
    • NC meeting isn’t on this date.
    • Ben mentioned if we move it that people with have to spend 2 nights in hotel.
    • Danny said we could start at 10:00 am and folks could drive and not have to spend money for 2 nights stay.
    • Wes suggested we change the spring event to 2 days next year.
    • Kerry said at this late date, if we had more speakers confirmed, the risk would be less if we changed to 2 days.
    • Kerry said it sounds like it’s too late to move this year only because of the expense and not having speakers confirmed.
    • Ben said if he was given more time he could come up with lots of venues across the state.
    • Karry Edmonds made motion to stay in Columbia, Bill butts 2nd it and motion unanimously approved.
    • Speaker for Spring so far: Keith Delaplane – UGA

Summer Meeting – Danny Cannon

    • Kerry says we have $12,000 worth of sponsors already combined for Spring and summer combined.
    • July 23, 24, 25, 2019 – at Anderson Sports and Entertainment Complex
    • Kerry talked to venue and said he didn’t want anything to do with their food vendor. This year we’ll do food trucks. Kerry will get 5 or 6 trucks or a caterer.
    • Danny will make sure venue has appropriate AV equipment
    • Speakers already lined up: Allison McAfee, David McFawn will send me names of these.
    • Danny will talk with Steve Genta about expanding honey show.
    • Master Beekeeper program sponsoring Varroa Mite workshop.
    • Master Beekeeper program will host dinner on Thursday night with leadership and master beekeepers.
    • Kerry suggested they might want to talk local hotels during the Spring meeting to hold an expanded honey show training course for the spring meeting.
    • Speakers so far:
      • Bill Hesbach
      • Frank Rinkevich, a toxicologist, or Arian Avalos, a geneticist USDA Baton Rouge
      • Alison McAfee  UBC

Treasurer Report – Wendy Gray

        • Master Beekeeper: $7108.60
        • Research Fund:  $7014.56
        • Steve Tabor Fund: $556.59
        • Operating Acct.: $57925.17
        • The accountant will file our taxes. Their fee was $600 for getting us up to date. The yearly fee is much less.
        • Wendy has a full report if anyone wants to review.
        • We buy rack cards occasionally for local associations, conferences.
        • Steve said the Steve Tabor Fund amount has been there for as long has he can remember. Suggested we move the funds to the Youth Education Program.
        • Research Fund request for funds should go out soon.
          • Bryan will send out to all associations request turned in by January 15, 2020

Secretary Report  – Bryan Owens

    • Total Members 1345
    • Renewal emails will be going out within the next several weeks.
    • SCBA Executive Committee  book – Executive Committee, ByLaws used to be in paper. We’ll make all of this online

Master Beekeeper Program Update – Susan Jones



  • Fall classes are underway by: Oconee, Pickens, USC   Are there any others?
  • Many are gearing up for Spring Classes. Several things to keep in mind:
  1. We now have a standardized Certified Level Curriculum available for use by SCBA affiliated clubs. Use is not required, but may prove beneficial to ensure that you cover the appropriate material for your course. Please request the materials via email and complete the requisition form.  This helps us to keep track of the courses offered, maintain qualified instructors, and track testing statewide – all adding to the validity and quality of our MBP.
  2. PLEASE establish a good system for recording and keeping your Club’s Certified Level records, then SUBMIT them to us via email in a timely fashion. Often, we have clubs submitting records months and sometimes years AFTER the testing was completed.
  • If your club used the new Certified Materials this year, we would greatly appreciate your feedback. You may use the form provided in the Administrators Packet or you can send us an email.  The MBP Committee will be doing an update on the Certified Materials this month – so if you are sending feedback – we need it ASAP!  Thank you to those who have already submitted feedback!  We anticipate having the 2020 edition ready to distribute in early December.
  • The most common problem that we encounter with the submission of testing results is that the member’s SCBA membership is not current, resulting in the  member not being  found in the database.  No results can be recorded for that member until SCBA membership is brought up-to-date.  Please be sure that SCBA membership is current BEFORE you submit results.
  • Please see the Certified Level Administrators Checklist for details on how/where to submit results and payment. If your club did not request the new Certified Level Materials this year, you probably did not receive the information. Please email Susan at and she will be happy to send the information to you.



  • A Fall Journeyman Course did not materialize.
  • Our Spring Journeyman Course will be co-hosted by the Blackwater and PeeDee Clubs and held at the Horry County Extension Office in Conway (1949 Industrial Park Rd, Conway, SC 29526) April 24-25 (Fri/Sat), with review and testing the following Saturday, May 2nd. We will work to have information/registration open in the next few weeks, so watch for it and encourage your members to attend.


  • The MBP Manual is now posted in entirety on the SCBA website under the MBP tab. All forms needed are available for download in the Appendix section.
  • We have been actively reviewing and updating MBP Please submit any questions or documents via email to Please contact us prior to mailing anything – most records can now be digitally scanned and emailed. We are trying to go digital!

For over a year we have been short one member on the MBP Committee.

Our current MBP Committee:
Glenn Tyler, Master
Hank Smalling, Journeyman – Records Custodian
Susan Jones, Journeyman – Director

These gentlemen have served with me for over two years.  Both have been a tremendous asset to the MBP.  I regret that Hank was not able to attend today to hear me brag on him.  He has taken a huge burden off of my shoulders in effectively managing and keeping the MBP records current and up-to-date.  I am extremely grateful for his excellent work!  Glenn has been our Master Advisor and to me personally, a faithful encourager. We have experienced solid growth in the SCBA MBP but it has come with obstacles.  Glenn has always been there to keep me focused on the goal.  I am extremely thankful for his faithful service!  Glenn has expressed his desire to rotate off of the committee.  He has faithfully served the SCBA for quite a number of years as a Regional Director and as a MBP Committee Member. I agree that he needs a break! Going forward, he has agreed to serve in an advisory role to the MBP Committee.

This means that we have 2 vacancies on the MBP.
Per the SCBA By-Laws with the unanimous consent of the sitting SCBA Presidents……

We would like to announce that Rosalind Severt has joined our Committee.  She has unofficially served the committee over the last year and a half creating the Certified Level power points and serving as an editor.  I highly respect her abilities as an educator and believe that she will be a great asset to our program.  She is actively working towards earning her Master certification. Please join me in officially welcoming Rosalind Severt to the MBP Committee.

We would also like to announce that Larry Coble has joined our Committee.  Larry earned his EAS Master Certification in 2018 and has been heavily involved in teaching and mentoring in the Mid-State Club.  We are thrilled to have him join our Committee.  We believe his attention to detail, knowledge, and expertise will be a great asset to the MBP as we move forward with the development of our upper level programs.  Please join me in officially welcoming Larry Coble to the MBP Committee.

Clemson Update – Ben Powell

  • Brad Cavin
    • Been interviewing someone to replace Brad, will officially do an apiary inspection program full time through the legislature.
    • Some inaccurate information was posted on FB saying they were going to require mandatory registration for master beekeepers. This is not true.
    • Will be looking at revising beekeeping inspection program where necessary.
    • Wants to model something kind of similar to nursery and dealer inspection program, that when they sell plants, they must be licensed. Thinking about exploring apirary inspection program to look at commerce of honeybee sales that certified bees free of pest problems. Could be around $100 for big commercial producers.
  • Ben Powell
    • Was a regional extension agent in lower Peedee.
    • Entomology degree.
    • Bees are an ends to a means. Loves beekeepers and beekeeping. Bigger story to be told. If we have healthy insects we have a better system.
    • Wants to focus on public awareness and outreach.
    • Beekper component and public outreach component.
    • Needs Assessment for SC Beekeepers
      • Distributing to local clubs to find out how we can help more. Wants to have this complete by Spring and report at Summer meeting.
      • Will give him baseline information.
    • Clemson website doesn’t have much information about beekeeping. Wants to have a website by spring meeting.
    • To support the website, will have Facebook Page – Clemson Pollinator. What’s flowering, etc.
    • Start in January monthly email newsletter – whats going on in hive, whats blooming, highlight of an activity, highlight of a beekeeper or service.
    • Lots of events, Pollinator Day at Clemson Botanical Gardens. Has variety of businesses wants to do pollinator habitats to use open spaces on industry grounds. State legislature set up a guide for solar farm habitats. Plan is to meet in 2 weeks to discuss technical guide. Certification program … land owners are interested that the power company provides habitats on solar farm. Detp. Of plant industry will be involved in program. Pilot program on I26 past Orangeburg.
    • Will be working with Danny to help with advising on programs we are already doing. Review program see whats working what snot and provide recommendations.
    • Big one: Develop an annual survey. 2 Questions: What is your impact to SC? Economically, environmentally. Track what problems are as well to focus programs to help.
    • Clemson said they were going to hire an Apiculture researcher on campus. No movement yet.
    • Kerry asked if Ben or Brad will be ceritified to write prescriptions for antibiotics. They are discussing this now.
    • Kerry asked if they can give us links to available grants. Ben said he would do this. We will add these to our website.
    • Beekeepers now required to work with a vet.
    • Will meet with Livestock Health and discuss.
    • Dorchester County Issue:
      • Ben is entirely on board with us.
      • How to reduce pesticide exposure.
      • Litigation now. Can’t discuss Dorchester until this is completed.
      • 5 years ago nation started developing mangaged pollinator protection plan program for each state. 50% of states have completed. SC does not yet have one. Will be discussing with pesticide management committee.
      • Ben called mosquito control group. He said he can’t talk until litigation is done.
    • Ben – Will have a group called Extension pollinator focus group – agents from all over state. Trying to build capacity to help with information to help beekeepers.
    • Brad has a lot of links on his page that can help us.

Regional Directors Reports

  • Rosalind  Severt – Mid-State Regional Director
    • I’ve visited all of the clubs in my region, with the exception of Lancaster, because they meet the same night as WBA, and they are on schedule for February 2020.
    • Cathy Kittle did a great job with the Fair, WBA and Mid-State represented SCBA well. Aiken had expressed interest in helping next year. As did Sumter.
    • The USC Beginners Class is going well. Instructors came from both Mid-State and Wateree.
    • Sumter has started collecting dues and wants to be a part of the Association. We would like to have the SCBA consider having a “provisional” page, on the website, where new clubs can advertise their meetings, for a while until they join the SCBA. (Maybe a  provisional year?)
    • St.Matthews Club leadership has been busy, and haven’t made too much progress.  Blythewood and Hartsville are still on the horizon.
  • Henry Lowrimore – Coastal Director
      • Had an issue with Dorchester  County. May 20, 2019 county council voted 7-0 to stop nofiying mosquito spraying. Hasn’t done since 2016 that started the issue.
      • Check out Dorchester YouTube page to see the last council meeting. People need to speak up and let our voices be heard.
      • Steve suggested we write a letter from Kerry that supports our efforts.

Association Updates

  • Wes Bommer
    • Prison. 2 short courses going on.
    • SC ETV will have a program in Allendale.
    • One person passed the Journeymen test.
    • Citadel – Criminal Justice will be writing a chapter about beekeeping. Very impressed with what we are doing in prisons with beekeeping.
  • Nancy Simpson – CABA
    • Nov 16 workshop at Trident Tech. 200 people signed up.
  • Bill Butts – Oconee
    • Oconee bell fest
    • Hunting and Fishing day with DNR
    • Heritage Fair in Oconee county with bee exhibit
    • Met with Cattlemen’s association. Insurance agency came in and talked insurance.
    • Heritage Museum – honey tasting
    • Nov 14 – annual Ag Banquet will represent Beekeeper of Year and Jr. Beek
    • Fall classes coming. Award
    • 4 teachers bee cause observation program

Congaree Update – David McFawn

  • Analysis now. Results by spring.

Meeting adjourned at 12:17 am