October 24, 2020
Meeting Minutes
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes – Dec 4, 2020
December 10, 2020
Meeting Minutes

Executive Committee Meeting 11/6/2020

The following members were invited: D.Cannon, G. Severt, B. Butts, B. Owens, W. Gray, H. Lowrimore, B. Copeland, R. Severt,  B. Powell, K. Owen, S. Jones, J. Strohm, D. MacFawn, D. Yannello, C. Marion, C. Roberts, G. Moore, W.Bommer, T.Dailey, J. Coons, N. Simpson, J. Bowen, K. Edmonds, A. Bunnell, S. Brousseau, T. Pierner, T. Cooke, R. Franz, and J. Williams (These are the names listed as elected officers and Representatives to the SCBA Exec. Committee, on the SCBA Website)

The following members were in attendance: D. Cannon, G. Severt, W. Gray, R. Severt, B. Powell, S. Jones, J. Strohm, D. MacFawn.

Meeting started at 10:02

  • Spring meeting—Planning on going forward with an “in person” plan, until told otherwise. Venues are not committing to hosting us, at this time, due to Covid restraints. Speakers J. Harris and D. Tarpy are willing to speak via Zoom. Possible Beaufort location options. Ben has contacted locations and is awaiting details. Glenn has contacted other locations and the two will work to find something that will allow us to meet as a group of 300 using Covid guidelines if possible. Discussion ensued. What is the cut-off point where a meeting is not financially feasible? It shouldn’t matter if we are serving our Beekeepers of South Carolina. Consider Hybrid meeting? Consider going all in one way or the other with virtual or recordings available afterward for a fee.  Pre-registration is required. Preregistration fees should be substantially lower than regular “at the door” fees.  No decision on Vendors yet.
  • Is a tent considered an enclosed space? Cost for tents? Tables? Chairs? Hand-on in February?
  • Bylaw rewrite status—advised it is ready to go. UPDATE: needs to be reviewed due to being “incorporated,” rather than just an unincorporated 501C4 or 7, that we were operating under.
  • Can we vote at the Spring meeting? Discussion on how to announce to membership, and methods of voting to include everyone. Electronic or in person voting. A vote needs to occur to allow smoother operation of the Association.  Executive committee needs to meet WITH a quorum to vote and move forward on electronic voting.
  • Executive Committee Meetings— will occur on Zoom the first Friday of every month at 10:00, until further notice. There is much work to be done.
  • Missing members, particularly officers. We cannot meet quorum without leadership attending meetings. Members need to attend or find others who can attend in their place.
  • Quarterly EC meeting will continue to be in person, once we are allowed to meet again, but monthly meetings need to happen to hash out issues between meetings, to make the in-person meetings more efficient.
  • Master Beekeeping Committee—An Executive Committee decision needs to be made on who should be receiving materials. The way the Bylaws read at this time, it is difficult to make sure this remains a benefit to the clubs who are Associated with the SCBA. A suggestion was made to change membership to run from June through May. Discussion ensued.
  • Master Beekeeping program Journeyman prep course has been well received. 4 testing locations with 20 people signed up at this point.
  • Point of Clarification. We ARE Incorporated according to the State of SC Businesses web page. Further investigation is needed.
  • Treasurers report: Operating Account 49311.13 on Oct. 28, MBP  $9203.70 on Octo 28, Research Fund $7026.50   Sept. 9/30, Steve Tabor Fund $8048.81 n Sept 9/30


Meeting adjourned: 12:49

R. Severt