SC Welsh Honey Judging Academy

We are happy to announce that training and certification for honey show judges will be held coinciding with the spring and summer SCBA meetings. We will be teaching the time-honored tradition of the Welsh system of training which is one of the most stringent of its kind in the world for aspiring honey judges.
Our instructors are ready to share their knowledge and expertise to teach you how to judge honey and wax classes, as well as the newer classes that are gaining popularity such as baked goods or craft categories. This fun and informative beginning track class is designed for training judges but also gives you the confidence to be a winner if you just want to learn how to compete and prepare your honey show entries from a judge’s viewpoint.
There are three levels in the South Carolina Welsh Honey Judge (WHJ) program:
  • WHJ Trainee, where you will receive your steward’s white jacket and will serve as steward to experienced judges and compete in honey shows to earn show points.
  • WHJ and at this level you have the ability to judge and gain additional experience working with other judges and honey shows.
  • Senior WHJ.

One can become a WHJ in a little over one year.  Candidates for all levels may proceed through the certification process at their own pace. There is no time limit for the completion of the program requirements.

There is an additional fee of $85 at registration for this class and will be your focus for the entire day.