Two Takeaways from the Eastern Apicultural Society’s Summer 2017 Conference
May 9, 2018
Bee Bowl Competition Announced
June 26, 2018

Meeting Date: May 18, 2018

  • Meeting was called to order at 10:09 am by Steve McNeely.
  • John Gardner opened the meeting in prayer.
  • Steve McNeely gave an update on his health. Said everything is good.


  • President’s Update – Steve McNeely
    • Marie Arnal resigned as Treasurer.
      • Steve made a motion that we accept hiring an Accountant to serve as interim Treasurer. The firm is Lindley Pettigrew & Co. CPAs LLC located in Clemson, SC.  Their fee will be no more than $100 per month. Located in Clemson, SC. Will vote a treasurer in in July meeting.
        • Checks for any club funds, conferences will be mailed to Bryan Owens.
        • Motion passed with Voice Vote.
      • Steve made a motion that Bryan Owens serve as interim Secretary until we vote in July for a new secretary.
        • Motion passed with Voice vote.
      • Steve made a motion that the Vice President position – held by Dwight Porter who had to resign due to health reasons) be filled with Danny Cannon as interim Vice President until  July.
        • Passed with Voice Vote
  • Summer Conference Update – Kerry Owen
    • Dr. Tsuruda asked for Regional Directors for information for USDA – weather conditions, what’s blooming, estimated prices of honey, etc. She was forwarded the email addresses for the Regional Reprentatives.
    • Summer Meeting
      • Sponsorships received $9,500
      • Venue costs $5400
      • If we have 400 people attend at $50 each, the total is $20,000
      • Speaker Expense – Randy Oliver not sure ($1500 plus hotel). DelPlane is $700 plus travel, Dr. Tsuruda $300.
    • Susan Jones said NC has challenged us to do a Bee Bowl in 2019. Need to get clubs thinking about this. Perhaps we do something in July Meeting. It’s an academic competition, like Jeopardy.Need teams by club. Need 5 teams, but could do it with 3, then one team wins from that competition to send to NC Bee Bowl. 3 people per team and 1 alternate. Every club should consider having a team. Susan asked if we could have a bee bowl on Friday night at the conference. Kerry said he will look into it.Susan will send Bryan email about details we would need to send out to clubs about the bee bowl for July. Maybe do it at 5:15 on Friday night of the July conference.Steve talked with NC about doubling up with our meeting, they said it was a mistake due to one speaker that could only come at the same time of our July meeting. He said they said they wouldn’t do it again.
  • Beekeeper of the Year Vote (view nominees) – Kerry Owen
    • Bryan Owens passed out ballots. Kerry said that Jim Strohm’s name was left off of the ballot. The attendees were instructed to add his name to the ballot.
    • Steve said we only had one person, Nicholas Heniford, nominated for Jr. Beekeeper of the Year and we would not have to vote on that.
    • Votes were submitted to Bryan Owens. Bryan will share the results with Steve McNeely.
  • Website – Bryan Owens
    • Bryan reported that the new website went live on April 18, 2018.
    • There are 1463 members in the member database.
    • 7 clubs have requested and we have implemented Group Membership Management for them.
    • 17 new members have signed up online since we went live.
    • Bryan mentioned that many people are not opening emails when they are sent from SCBA.
    • There was some discussion about the next phase of training Membeship Managers how to add new members to their Group Membership. Bryan will create a tutorial video and will send this to Wendy Gray as the guinea pig. Once she has successfully added her new members we will then send these instructions out to the other Membership Managers.
    • Jim Strohm and Susan Jones asked if there was a way to view a consolidated list of members by club. Bryan said there is and he will send out a video tutorial to show them how to see this.
  • Secretary/Membership Update – Bryan Owens
    • There are 1463 members in the member database.
    • 7 clubs have requested and we have implemented Group Membership Management for them.
    • 17 new members have signed up online since we went live.
    • 20 members have signed up to date for the Summer Conference. Bryan is sending out emails to all members and updating Facebook each Friday until event to remind them to sign up.
  • Treasurer/Financial Update – Marie Arnal
    • No report. Marie was not present.


  • Master Beekeeper Program Report – Susan Jones
    • CERTIFIED – All Spring Certified Classes have been completed.
      • 16 clubs offered a Certified Class – don’t have the final count of attendees
      • Over 25 members have achieved their Certified Rank this Spring, with more trickling in.
      • I have certificates ready for pick-up for the following clubs:

      Charleston, Lakelands, Mid-State, Pickens, Wateree, York

      Please see me before you leave. Thank you!

      • We have had a smooth transition to the local clubs compiling the Certified records and submitting them to MBP via email. Excellent job! To all the club administrators and instructors for helping us through this transition.  You have made our job much easier!


      JOURNEYMAN – The 2018 Journeyman Course was hosted by the Oconee Beekeepers Association in  March.

      • 21 members attended. We had a 90% pass rate with 3 members already completing their PSC requirements. These certificates will be awarded at our Summer Conference.
      • A special thank you to our dedicated instructors: James Alverson, Steve Genta, Dr. Mike Hood, Larry Lawson, David MacFawn, Mark Sweatman, and myself.
      • Revenue/Expense Report – attached. All expenses/reimbursements have been made.



      Our committee is actively working to UPDATE the MBP Manual.  One item for Executive Committee Review is a written policy on Reciprocal Certification Recognition. (READ THE ATTACHED PROPOSAL)

      The SCBA MBP Committee unanimously submits this proposed policy be added to our MBP Manual.  Are there any questions?  Is there a motion to approve? Second?  Vote?


      Another item for action:  NC has challenged SC to a Bee Bowl at the Joint Spring Meeting in 2019. Are you in favor of accepting the challenge?   If so, in order to prepare our local clubs to field some respectable competitive teams, we recommend that we have our own Bee Bowl at this Summer Conference – possibly Friday night?  Any volunteers to help with this?


      REMINDER:  We have been actively reviewing and updating MBP RECORDS. Please submit any questions or documents via email to Please contact me prior to mailing anything – most records can now be digitally scanned and emailed.  We are trying to go digital!

    • REVENUE/EXPENSE REPORT – SCBA MBP 2018 JOURNEYMAN COURSE REVENUE:            15 students @ $85.00                                                              $ 1275.006 students @ $60.00                                                                     360.002 Certified Test fees @ $10.00                                                         20.00TOTAL REVENUE:                                                                                  $ 1655.00            REFUNDS NEEDED:

                              Katie Guthrie – charged twice                                            – 85.00


      ADJUSTED REVENUE:                                                                            $  1740.00



                  Facility                                                                                     $        0.00

      Text – 13 Copies @ $47.95                                                              623.35

      (purchased thru OCA – already reimbursed)

      Instructor Lunches                                                                            60.32

      Refreshments                                                                                    74.48

      Printing – paper                                                                                   5.00

      (printing costs covered by OBA/Oconee Clemson Ext)

      Instructor/Presenter Honorariums                                                   400.00

      Testing Fees:

      18 students @ $25.00 – Journeyman testing                                425.00

      2 students @ $10.00– Certified testing                                          20.00

      TOTAL EXPENSE:                                                                                      $ 1608.15

      NET REVENUE/EXPENSE                                                                              $131.85


      Course Revenue Received: Should equal fees received from credit card receipts from online course purchases.  Certified Testing fees were paid in cash to S. Jones.

      Textbook Expense:  12 additional copies were purchased following the 2017 summer conference totaling $ 588.00.  These books will be held in escrow for the 2019 Journeyman Course.

    • PROPOSED:SCBA – MASTER BEEKEEPING PROGRAMMANUAL POLICY ADDITION:  RECIPRICAL CERTIFICATION RECOGNITIONThe SCBA will not issue certification to duplicate an equivalent certification achieved by another certifying agency, however, the outside certification may be considered as foundation for the next equivalent level in the SCBA MBP and evaluated on a case by case basis by the MBP Committee based on the following criteria:1) Submission and verification of level certification including documentation and contact information for certifying agency.2) Submission of supporting documentation of beekeeping public service and any beekeeping projects that may qualify for credit as a major/minor credit. 

      CERTIFIED LEVEL:  Most Certified Level certifications may be accepted as sufficient for a new SCBA member to begin working toward their Journeyman Level Certification.

      JOURNEYMAN, MASTER, MASTER CRAFTSMAN:  Due to the vast differences in the various beekeeping programs, testing most likely will be required for the Journeyman, Master, and Master Craftsman Levels.  In order to maintain the integrity of the SCBA MBP, we must insist that the level of mastery is achieved before awarding the level certification.

      Public Service Credits are a valuable component to the success of the SCBA MBP.  The huge volume of volunteer hours required to fully educate our membership and provide solid beekeeping instruction to the community mandates that we require these credits for new members who may have already achieved the Journeyman, Master, or Master Craftsman Levels from another agency.  This also gives us an opportunity to observe and verify that the candidate’s beekeeping practice is in line with our stated best beekeeping principles.

      A member who moves into South Carolina with a Master or Master Craftsman Level certification will be recognized as such but will not be given an automatic SCBA certification.  If a member desires to earn this certification from SCBA MBP, then the member must complete all of the requirements of that level in SCBA MBP.  No automatic reciprocal certifications will be issued based on another agency’s certification.

      Any questions or concerns regarding certification reciprocity should be submitted to the SCBA MBP for consideration.

      • Proposal passed with voice vote.


  • Director Reports – All (Please send your report ahead of time if you’ll not be attending)
    • John GardnerBeekeeper of the Year – only 5 clubs nominated anyone. We need to push this to get more of the 22 clubs to send in a recommendation.
    • Danny Cannon Midstate Beekeeping Association’s 3rd Annual Bees in the Backyard – Jun 9Registration has opened for Midstate Beekeeping Association’s 3rd Annual Bees in the Backyard event. The event is being held at Danny Cannon’s beeyard on June 9th. It starts at 9 in the morning and goes until 6 in the afternoon, with a catered lunch.Bryan posted this information on SCBA Facebook page on 5/17/18.
    • Henry Lowrimore Would like to be able to purchase nucs and queens in South Carolina. Would be nice to know who have queens and nucs for sale. Kerry suggested that if members put their sales information in their members profile we might could handle that.
  • Local Association Rep Reports – All (Please send your report ahead of time if you’ll not be attending)
    • Wataree – Rosalind Severt Beginning beekeeper’s class had 24 participants, more than ½ already had bees. Of the remaining, most purchased packages in the spring and have been working with mentors to be successful.We had 20 take the Certified Beginner’s exam, and 19 pass. The test was not offered in 2017, so some of the test takers were from previous classes.  Since then, we have had 4 take and pass the practical exam.The WBA sponsored 2 hives and all their equipment and training at a small private school, in Ridgeway, SC.We’ve had speakers on Pollinator landscaping, from a local nursery, a Doctor speak about allergic reactions vs anaphylaxis and the treatments, David MacFawn speak about Varroa control, a speaker on treatments in the hive, and we’ve had a honey show, where members learned how to properly prepare for a honey show in hopes of winning.We’ve implemented a monthly meeting recap that is disseminated to the members via Mail Chimp. This has resulted in hard data, revealing that about a third of our membership uses electronic communication. When we offered a WBA Members Only FB page, we found that less than 1/5 of the membership uses social media. Our WBA FB page that is open to the public has 500+ followers, but most are not members.The club hive count grew by 180 with the addition of packages from 2 apiaries in Georgia.We’ve implemented a swarm call list and have advertised on Facebook and through the local Clemson extension office. We’ve recovered 16 hives to count.

      We offered a Hardware class where new beekeepers learned how to put together wooden hardware and wire wax frames. Only women showed up to take the class, and loved it!

      We offered a Soap and lotion making class where members learned to make soaps and cosmetics using products from their hives. This resulted in a few new club memberships, as non-members joined us and learned they would like to learn more!

      We had members represent the club at 4-H, ATEC’s FFA, and a few local community outreach groups.

      Two of our members took the Journeyman’s class in Pickens.

      The Board has decided to fund pollinator plants being grown at the local ATEC, for them to sell at their fall and spring fund raisers. It was decided that the plants would come from the USDA list of 3 season pollinator plantings.

      Our annual membership picnic is the 19th at a State Park.  We have over 90 signed up to come!

    • Oconee – Richard BelmoreAnnual cookout, a speaker from Blue Ridge Electric heads up vegetation control. Will now notify beekeepers when they’re spraying in their area.York – George Stalimire(sp)43 bee3keps course, 39 passed certified beeekeepers test, picnic when they had their packages delivered, lots showed up had hot dogs and demonstrations of how to put in their packages. 260 packages.
    • Laurens –Thomas Dailey Buddy sent EAS Report.
    • Aiken – Wendy Gray Outing on April 29 hed at Dan’s house see how to do swarm. Different groups. Visitors came. People who keep bees didn’t even know what to look for in a hive. Thinking about setting up a Mentor program. Aiken wants ideas on how other places do their mentor programs.
  • Jim Strohm – Charleston Community Bee Garden
    • How to create a state license plate for “save the bees”. Kerry said Hugh Weathers and Davy Hiott have received info on the subject. Department of transportation already had a request, the dept of transportation hasn’t moved on it. Kerry said he would give the info to jim and he can work on this project.
  • Bill Butts
    • Director position has to be voted on at the summer meeting.
    • Changes to ByLaws – need to act on it today. Must be made to local associations 30 days before summer meeting.
    • Proposed changes – have to be sent out to associations for review by June 15.
    • To review the current SCBA Bylaws, click Here.

      Proposed SCBA Bylaws Changes

      Section 5. Duties of the President-Elect

      The President-Elect shall perform the duties of the President in his or her absence or upon the request of the President, coordinate with an approved agency if necessary and make arrangements with locations for all membership and Executive Committee meetings as needed and coordinate with the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Regional Directors as necessary. The President-Elect shall serve as the chairperson of the Program Committee meetings. The President-Elect shall serve a term of Two(2) years and shall advance to the office of President at the conclusion of the term of office as President-Elect.

      Section 6. Duties of the Vice President

      The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President in his or her absence if the President-Elect is unable to serve, or upon the request of the President. The Vice President shall coordinate the Beekeeper of the Year and Junior Beekeeper of the Year awards voted on by the Executive Committee according to SCBA award guidelines and presented at the annual Summer Conference.  The Vice President shall promote SCBA throughout the state at Association meetings and as requested by the President. The Vice President shall assist the President-Elect in planning SCBA Spring and Summer Conferences.  Attend all annual membership meetings and Executive Committee meetings.  The Vice President shall serve a term of Two (2) years and not be in progression to move to President-Elect unless he or she chooses.

      Section 7. Duties and qualifications of the Secretary

      The Secretary shall:

      1. Keep, or cause to be kept, in a book provided for the purpose, a true and complete record of the proceedings of all meetings of the membership and the Executive Committee.  A copy of the minutes of said meetings shall be emailed to all members of the Executive Committee as soon after a meeting as the Secretary, or his/her designate can make these minutes available. Approved minutes shall be posted on the SCBA website for all members to read.

      2. Be custodian of the records and the seal of the SCBA, to see that the seal is affixed to all documents and the execution of said documents, which on behalf of the SCBA under its seal, is duly authorized.

      3. Write letters as directed by the President and/or the Executive Committee.

      4. Attend to the giving of all notices required by law, these By-Laws, the President, and/or the Executive Committee.

      5. Deliver all records of the SCBA to his/her successor in office, or by request of the Executive Committee, to the Executive Committee.

      6. Provide assistance to the Treasurer as necessary at all meetings of the SCBA including posting SCBA financial statements on the website.

      7. Draft monthly membership newsletters for posting on the SCBA website.

      Qualifications: The Nominating Committee shall consider anf evaluate candidates for nomination by the following criteria:

      1. Possess the ability to record and keep the minutes of the Executive Committee Meetings and the annual meetings.

      2. Be computer literate to accomplish the duties listed above.

  • EAS Update – Buddy May
    • Buddy was unable to attend, so Thomas Dailey provided the report from Buddy:
    • Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the SCBA Executive Board, I will be unable to attend this meeting on May 18, 2018 due to a conflict with my Rock Hill High School’s 65th Class Reunion, which I will be attending. Please excuse me. Thomas Dailey has graciously agreed to present this letter on the EAS to you in my absence.This report contains a few words outlining the steps that have been taken for the upcoming EAS 2018 and EAS 2019 Conferences.
      • Most of you are aware that the Hilton in Greenville was selected by the EAS Site Committee as the venue location to be held on July 15-19, 2019.
      • Brad Cavin and David Weir, MD (Apiary Chair) are making arrangements to have approximately 30 colonies on site for the Short Course and Master Beekeepers Exams.
      • Cynthia Robinson (Publicity Chair) has produced a “Flyer” which is being circulated for advising the EAS 2019 Conference. A copy was forwarded to you. We are publicizing The Event statewide now and will make it nationwide as the EAS 2018 approaches.
      • Kerry Owens (Vendor Chair) as been supplied a list of the Vendors used at the EAS 2017. Notices will be sent to them for possible participation in the EAS 2019.
      • Eck Miller (Honey Chair) has been in contact with the previous Honey Chair.
      • Jeff Linville of the Laurens Association has offered his assistance with the WebEx where decisions are made about the many activities. These will begin in the very near future.
      • Dewey Caron and I are contacting the Key Note, Short Course and Workshop Speakers currently.
      • All the 2019 Chairs have been sent a copy, via their drop box, illustrating the preparations of the 2017 and 2018 Conference Committees, by Carol Cottrill (EAS Secretary). This information is detailed, and much can be learned about each Chair from this information.
      • The present EAS 2019 Chair persons are encouraged to visit the EAS 2018 for more familiarization of their tasks, as well a participating in the promotion of the EAS 2019 at the “Table” which is being arranged by Cynthia. We will have promotional items available and ask that you advise Cynthia or myself of when you will be coming to VA, so we will have some idea of when to expect your visitation and assistance.


      Thank you for your involvement and continued support of the EAS 2018 & 2019 Conferences. Are there any questions?

  • Youth Education Program Update – Jeff Blackwell
    • No Report. Jeff was not in attendance.
  • Congaree Report – Dave McFawn
    • Midstate going into Congaree park 26,000 acres to form committee to collect honeybees to see if the honeybees are genetically different outside of the park. Will be tested at the University of Delaware. Issue is if they are surviving outside the park, then significant item for bee world. We know they can survive on their own, need to identify parameters of how they are able to do this. Spacing the colonies 2.5 colonies per square mile. Committee is working through.  Need 24 volunteers. Soliciting funding from Midstate and SCBA. Cost is $1000 to genetically test at the University of Delaware. He has invested $700 of his own money. Requesting $2500 in funding for research through SCBA. Midstate committeed to providing him with $2500. Steve made a motion that the SCBA provide $2500 for research to the project. Will need to send a monthly report to Bryan Owens of the progress.
      • Motion passed with a raise of hands.
  • Susan asked about EAS meeting. People are thinking the cost is too high. She told them to volunteer. Steve said If you volunteer for the week, the conference is free.
  • Meeting adjourned at 12:20 pm.