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March 4, 2019
Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

SCBA Executive Committee Meeting

May 3, 2019 Minutes



  • Kerry Owen
  • Bryan Owens
  • Danny Cannon – Mid-State
  • Adelma Bunnell – Chester Association
  • David Miller – Anderson County Association
  • Henry Lowrimore – Blackwater Association
  • Karry Edmonds – Spartanburg Association
  • Jim Strohm – Charleston Community Bee Gardens
  • Gary Moore – Lancaster
  • Wesley Bommer – Mid-State
  • Hank Smalling – Aiken Association
  • David MacFawn – Mid-State
  • Sheryl Brousseau – Ridge Beekeepers Association
  • Rosalind Severt – Wateree Association
  • John Coons – Aiken Association
  • Glenn Tyler – Blackwater Association



Call to Order: President-Kerry Owen at 10:04 am.

John Gardner

  • Opened the meeting with prayer.

Kerry Owen

  • Working with our accountant to get all paperwork up to date so we can reestablish the SCBA 501(c)3
  • All tax returns filed
  • Waiting on final approval from IRS

Danny Cannon

  • Research Grant
    • Received 4 grant requests, approved 2. Already sent info out to Members.
      • $1167.53 – Wes Bommer
        • Grant to compare alcohol wash and sugar shake method.
      • $625.85 – Lucas Schmidt – Graduate student at Clemson
        • Optical Pest Monitoring System
    • Motion to accept these grant awards was made by Danny Cannon
    • The motion was seconded by Henry Lowrimore
    • Unanimously passed by members present
  • Danny recommended a Research Grant application format be developed for the future. Will bring back a format for the committee to review.
  • Beekeeper of the Year and Jr. Beekeeper of the Year ballots were passed out to members present. Members voted and submitted the paper ballots to Bryan Owens.
  • Spring 2020 Meeting Update
    • Working with GBA building in Columbia.
    • Spring Meeting Date: March 7, 2020
    • Danny will call NCBA to make sure they aren’t meeting on the same day.
  • Summer 2020 Meeting Update
    • Meeting will be held at Anderson Sports and Entertainment Complex in Anderson, SC
    • Summer Meeting Dates: July 16-18, 2020
    • No keynote speakers sign up yet. Bylaws says you can set up a committee to help.
    • Can we set up an embroiderer to embroider shirts on-site at Summer meeting?
    • Kerry Owen says we will make money in 2020 because of 2 conferences this year.

Treasurer Report – Wendy Gray

  • No report.

Secretary Report – Bryan Owens

  • Total Paid Memberships: 1177
    • USC Students Association – 13 paid
    • Ridge Beekeepers – 30 paid
    • Lancaster Beekeepers – 85 Not yet renewed. Sent an email following up
    • York County – 133 paid
    • Edisto – 18 shows pending – following up with Wendy Gray to see if she received a check.
    • Chester 30 paid – Set up as group admin, but she only sent check to cover 2.
    • Blackwater – 91 not yet paid. Sent email to to follow up
    • Spartanburg – 100 paid
    • Lowcountry – 14 paid
    • Anderson County – 41 not renewed. Sent to follow up
    • Piedmont Association – 49 paid
    • Aiken Association – 73 paid
    • Charleston Association – 159 paid
    • Oconee – 78 paid
    • Wateree – 104 paid
    • Charleston Community Bee Gardens – 79 paid
    • SCBA Member Level – 327 paid
    • Lakelands not set up as group membership – Wendy received a check for 55 members. Bryan will follow up.
  • Presidents need to verify how many total members are in club and how many are SCBA Members.
    • Bryan will send email to clubs asking:
      • Officers
      • Total number of members in club.
      • Total number of members in club who are SCBA members.


Master Beekeeper Program Report – Presented by Hank Smalling on behalf of Susan Jones



    • All of the 2019 Spring Certified Classes have been completed.
    • If your club used the new Certified Materials this year, we would greatly appreciate your feedback. You may use the form provided in the Administrators Packet or you can send us an email.
    • We have received and processed results for 6 clubs including the statewide testing site on March 16. We encourage the remaining clubs to get their results submitted as soon as possible.
    • We have encountered several problems with the submission of results:
    1. SCBA membership is not current, so member is not found in the database. No results can be recorded for that member until SCBA membership is brought up-to-date.
    2. Family memberships. In order for individual records to be entered, each family member must have their own SCBA login.  Your club admin should be able to make the entry.  If assistance is needed, please contact our SCBA Secretary Bryan Owens.
    3. Payment for testing must be received prior to results being entered and certificates issued.
    • Please see the Certified Level Administrators Checklist for details on how/where to submit results and payment. If your club did not request the new Certified Level Materials this year, you probably did not receive the information. Please email Susan at and she will be happy to send the information to you.



    • The MBP Committee has begun conversation with the leadership of several Coastal Region Clubs interested in jointly hosting a Fall Journeyman Course for 2019. The dates and location are still to be determined.  We would like to have the information available by early summer so that folks can plan to attend.


    • The MBP Manual is now posted in entirety on the SCBA website under the MBP tab. All forms needed are available for download in the Appendix section.
    • We have been actively reviewing and updating MBP Please submit any questions or documents via email to Please contact us prior to mailing anything – most records can now be digitally scanned and emailed. We are trying to go digital!

Director Reports

  • Mid-State – Rosalind Severt
    • 2 new clubs added since February. 2 additional clubs will be added soon.
    • Requested to be sent end list of all SCBA member levels to include names and Email with the home association.
    • Asked if SCBA has Insurance. Kerry Owen says we do not. Kerry asked Farm Bureau to check.

Association Reports

  • Charleston Community Bee Gardens – Jim Strohm
    • Sent in check to renew members
    • Taste Made video production doing a video to SC, will be talking to local beekeepers.
    • Jr. Beekeeper camp coming soon.
  • Charleston Association – Jim Strohm
    • Natural Beekeeping Symposium Nov 16, 2019.
  • Chester County – Adelma Gregory-Bunnell
    • 2 people took Practical Exam last weekend
    • Received a grant of $600 from OMNOVA
  • Aiken Association – John Coons
    • Suggested that if you hold a Journeyman Course you provide lunch for the participants.
    • Held an Earth Day program. Great turn out.
  • Lancaster Association – Gary Moore
    • Beginner beekeeping class had 24 students – March 2019 with practical exam for 2018 graduates
    • 61 Members of Lancaster Club
    • Event – Red Rose Festival May 18-19. Handouts, honey straw, flyers, demonstration hive.
    • Bedford Brewery is working with the Katawba Valley Land Trust on an event and has asked for us to have a booth as one of our members’ supplies for an Irish Honey Ale this brewery makes. The date not yet finalized.
  • Laurens Association – Tom Dailey
    • Held a ceremony to give out certificates, and it was very well attended.
    • Squealing on the Square – Will offer TShirts for Sale.
  • Ridge Beekeepers Association – Sheryl Brousseau
    • Founded in 2017
    • 33 members, 22 are SCBA Members
    • 2 people received Journeymen certification.
    • Sponsor an observation hive at a local school.
    • Mentoring new beekeepers.
  • Wes Bommer
    • 3 completed Journeymen level and passed the test.
    • Citadel professors look to write a chapter on Beekeeping in a book.
    • Art for Hope
    • Mite sampling next week
    • 9 of 10 hives are up, 1 is struggling
  • Anderson County Association – David Miller
    • Larry Vickery suggested they sponsor a snack at EAS.
  • Spartanburg Association – Karry Edmonds
    • Sponsor events for homeschoolers.
    • They have five high school events at various locations.
  • York Association – John Gardner
    • 136 Paid Members
    • 28 certified level
    • Can’t find anyone to provide insurance for bee pickup for 24 hours.

EAS Update – Kerry Owen

  • Been sending emails to Beekeeping Supplier Vendors asking for sponsorships.
  • Called all 2018 sponsors for EAS, they all said yes for 2019.
  • Asked for list of vendors who have signed up.
    • 40 vendors have signed up
  • EAS registration opening soon
  • SCBA will sponsor Black jar.
  • In order to sign up for EAS, you have to join EAS first

World Honeybee Day Festival – Kerry Owen

  • Bee Well Honey will hold a World Honeybee Day festival on August 17.
  • Michael Bush is keynote speaker.
  • 2 bands, food trucks, beer truck
  • Will hold a Practical Exam for people wishing to register.

Congaree Report – David McFawn

  • Every Wednesday 3 bee samples inside the park are taken.
  • Every Wednesday 2 samples are taken at Shaw Air Force and 1 by Dr. Maddox.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:52 am