SC State Fair Call For Entries – July 1 – September 1, 2018
July 25, 2018
Meeting Minutes
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes – Feb 1, 2019
February 4, 2019
Meeting Minutes
  • SCBA Executive Committee Meeting
  • November 2, 2018 Minutes
  • Call to Order: President Kerry Owen at 10:01am.
  • Opening Prayer: John GardnerPresident’s Report: Kerry announced that Brian Owens had hip surgery and will be absent today. Also that the conference for the American Beekeeping Federation is schedule to held in Myrtle Beach, January 8 – 12, 2019.  The EAS meeting hasn’t committed to a site, but Hilton is still probable.  Speakers are confirmed.  Goal is to begin securing vendors and sponsors by first of year.He introduced Wendy Gray who is taking over as SCBA treasurer, and that she, Brian and Clark, our accountant, are working on the financial records. He read a letter in which she reports that information and statements have been received from the previous treasurer as of September 2018 financial reports, except one South State statement from May 2018, but can resolve all once found.  Also found in files was a letter revoking the SCBA tax exempt status as of letter dated May 15, 2017, because no taxes had been filed. There’s also no record of a Fed ID number.  A request for new number was revoked because of the existing number which can’t be located. Back taxes will be filed for years 2015 – 2017, until then SCBA can’t solicit funds as a 501c(4) tax exempt organization. Wendy reports that as Oct 31, 2018, both operating accounts total $42,981.35.Kerry reports that Dr. Dobbins and Brian Callahan have been in discussion with Clemson Univ on plans for hiring following Dr. Tsuruda’s departure.  SCBA may be included in process. Plans are for two positions for hire: one with a Master’s degree in apiculture to be involved with the SCBA and local associations and to assist with conferences and where needed.

    $24,587.00 was brought in from the July Conference in Anderson with resulted in approximately $6000 profit.  Kerry has the breakdown on the numbers.

    Kerry discussion a suggestion that was made for local association to requalify/renew their affiliation with the state organization each year.  Mainly in an attempt to keep current officer information for the website. An email would be sent to each club at year’s end to list current officers.  The affiliation would also ensure that all are abiding by SCBA MBP guidelines, in order to raise our standards for the program.

    Kerry reports that Danny Cannon is forming the Grant Research Committee.  An email will be sent by Dec 15 or earlier to request grant proposals to be received by Feb. 4 (extended from Jan 15 because of holiday). Motion by Glenn Tyler for funds up to $5000.00 to be transferred from the operating account to fund grant research annually.  Second: Steve McNeely. Following discussion, motion passed.

    Jim Strohm reported that design “D” for the proposed honeybee SC license plate was the preferred voted at the Summer meeting.  SC flag with bee, with suggested edits from the graphic artist for better visibility.  The cost would be a one-time charge of $6800.00. First time purchase would be $10 for plate plus $40 for 2 year registration. To recoup any funds spent, fees would have to be increased to come back to the association. Discussion began on need to increase membership dues.

    After much discussion, motion made by Bennie Copeland to accept image “D” for production as new state license plate. Second: Rosalind Severt. Motion passed.

    Discussion returned to open motion to increase dues. Motion by Steve McNeely to increase dues to $15 annually beginning 2020. Second: Wes Bommer. Motion passed to recommend to the membership at the next regular meeting (joint Spring meeting, SC business mtg) for final approval.

    Motion by Cathy Kittle for SCBA to pay the required $6800 to begin production of state tag. Second: Steve McNeely. Motion carried.

    State Fair Booth Coordinator: Cathy Kittle reported that the 48 education slots filled fastest in history at the SC State Fair this year. Many honey entries. 21 cities represented and 34 exhibitors. She would like to have a system in place for a barrier to people handling entries.

    She reports that two of the 3 judges forgot comment cards raising confusion among those with entries. Recommends better communication between all for consistency. Also, Welsh judges not using posted state fair guidelines or better description needed. Fair wants focus to remain on education and not become a “honey show.” Welsh judging has also caused difficulty in some entries meeting criteria, potentially preventing any ribbons to be awarded which the Fair does not want. Suggested that we upgrade our Summer Conf honey show with Welsh criteria. She was asked to make prize money for Fair more competitive with other states; we cannot change Fair prize money as that affects all other entries and requires Fair Executive Board approval.

    2019 will be 150th anniversary of Fair. Suggest SCBA provide plexiglass cases to enclose entries or at least place on open ends to prevent handling. Fair stated that the fixtures we use are the last of the original, and they plan on updating. Cathy will follow up and give input regarding lighting, etc. Fair suggestion: booth volunteers have a more unified look as others. Shirts not a viable option. Possibly vests or name tags. Need more educational materials. Educators suggested a display with loop presentation. Kerry suggests a meeting early enough before next Fair to coordinate all needed: judging consistency, volunteer items, and display equipment. Cathy asked that Fair info be placed more prominently on SCBA website well before Fair.

    Rosalind Severt, Mid-State Reg Rep., reports that a 100 plus member club has formed at USC on-campus, Carolina Beekeeping Club.  Interested in being part of the SCBA.  Asked for process for them to become affiliated with SCBA.

    Bennie Copeland, Upper State Reg Rep, would like updates to website.  Most info on website to add to book.

    Henry Lowrimore, Coastal Reg Rep, states mosquito spraying is increasing over all state.  His area doesn’t spray after dark. He’s ok with AM spraying, but opposes PM spraying.

    Tom Dailey, Laurens Co Rep, reports that club had local 911 director speak.  Good about keeping them informed on any spraying to take place.  Also recommends clubs keep a local contact on hand. Kerry asked that spray notifications for Laurens area be sent to SCBA to distribute. Laurens had a booth and observation hive at local BBQ Fest.  Signed up approx. 40 new members and more new app’s coming in. Also have a Certified class planned.  Working with Pres College to install rooftop hives.  Some professors have indicated interest and have joined assoc.

    Jim Strohm, Charleston Community Bee Gardens Rep, reported that they held a Junior Beekeeping Camp at Trident Tech College and had 16 children in attendance. Placed three hives on the campus. They were able to purchase suits for all through the Youth Education Fund, and honey for them to take home.  They will hold a Certified Class in January.

    David Wilson, Charleston Area Beekeepers Rep, received funding through the Youth Ed Program. A student at College of Charleston is managing fives hives on campus and one at a local high school.  C of C student is putting together education materials for her training and funding has also been used to purchase equipment for her. Club will benefit from her materials produced.

    Wes Bommer, Mid-State Beekeepers Rep, reports that they’ve elected new officers and a Certified Course is being planned.  Their prison beekeeping group is very successful.  Had to relocate the hives for handicapped group. The Journeyman Class that they hosted has been completed.

    Cyndi Banks, Pickens Co Rep, reports that they held a booth at a local Fall Fest in Easley.  Members who volunteered were able to sell their honey in exchange for their time to educate the public. They are planning a Certified Class for January.  They’ve had a number of members receive their Certified Certificates. Also had a few members attend the Journeyman Class in Oconee.

    Chuck Marion, Lakelands/Greenwood Rep, about to begin classes at McCormick Correctional.  Larry Lawson, in charge of training, has been researching other programs of that type for ideas. Waiting on the facility’s warden to give them dates to begin.

    Brian Motley, Wateree Rep, asks if an assistant can be nominated for Extension Agent of the Year.  Answer was yes, but that has been discontinued. Awards won’t be given next year due to EAS. Also brings a suggestion from his association for all SCBA Exec Committee members be ineligible for SC Beekeeper of the Year. Brief discussion followed. No action by the committee was taken.

    Bill Butz, Oconee Co Rep, reports that they participated in the local Heritage Fair. Large number of visitors to the booth. Many primary school children visited. They are currently completing a Certified Class.

    Wendy Gray, for Aiken Co, reports that they are revamping their Certified Class.  She asks if anyone allows any individuals/members to audit a class. Discussion and advice followed.

    Adelma Bunnell, Chester Co Rep, reports that their Certified Class was going to be cancelled for a shortage of instructors being a small association.  She thanked the SCBA for helping bring in instructors and speakers to help out. Also received an extractor at the summer meeting.

    John Gardner reports for York Co that they have over 150+ members currently and have a large participation with the state. Very successful event with many visitors to booth at the York Summer Fest.  They are having to limit their Certified Class to 45 attendees, to be planned for February.

    Susan Jones, Piedmont Rep, reports that they had 6 members attend the Journeyman Class. They are assisting the Roper Mountain Science Center to revamp their honeybee display. Tim Dover’s son built a new observation hive as Boy Scout project.

    Dave Miller, Anderson Co Rep, reports that they’ve moved their meeting location into town instead of out on the county edge for a more centralized meeting place. Getting much larger attendance. They will hold a Certified Class in January and have installed an observation hive in two county schools.

    Susan Jones, Master Beekeeping Program Dir, reports that a Fall Certified Class was held in Oconee and Chester Co’s.  One of largest Cert classes ever held in Oconee Co, over half were teachers. Received a grant to place observation hives in all O Co schools. The committee is working on the Certified curriculum update.  Hope to have ready by January classes. Will contact clubs with the info, and much will be on website. Clubs aren’t required to use it, but it may be a helpful foundation and standard for their curriculum.  She asked all that are using to send constructive suggestions for changes.  Once finished will begin working on the Journeyman level. A second Fall Journeyman’s Class was added in Lexington, hosted by Mid-State.  Journeyman testing option open. The registration is going to close on Monday or Tuesday next week for the Nov. 10th class. Register on website. Qualification must be met.  Over 33 people across the state took the Journeyman class. MBP manual updated and on website, including all forms. Looking for clubs to host testing or courses, since none will be given in summer.  Lexington may be offered as a mid-state testing location. Susan asked Charleston area clubs to consider hosting events for lower state members. Scan or photo of certificate needed for those whose info wasn’t brought over to new system. She gave out certificates earned to club reps to present to members.

    A question was posed if EAS has decided on costs for SCBA members.  Kerry reports details/criteria/restrictions are still being worked out by the EAS committee.  Working on ways to offset costs benefits for SCBA members.

    Kerry closed the meeting at 12:09pm.

    Present at meeting:

    Glenn Tyler – Master Beekeeping Committee

    John Gardner – YCBA Rep

    Bennie Copeland – Upper State Reg. Rep

    Brian Motley – Wateree Rep

    Rosalind Severt – Mid-State Regional Rep

    Cathy Kittle – SC State Fair Booth Coordinator

    Adelma Bunnell – Chester Co. Rep

    Wendy Gray – SCBA Treasurer

    Wesley Bommer – Mid-State Rep

    David Miller – Anderson Rep

    Chuck Marion – Lakelands/Greenwood Rep

    Jim Strohm – Charleston Community Bee Gardens Rep

    David Wilson – Charleston Beekeepers Rep

    Hank Smalling – Aiken Rep

    Susan Jones – Master Beekeeper Program Dir/Piedmont Rep

    Steve McNeely – SCBA Past President/York Rep

    Cyndi Banks – Pickens Co Rep

    Kerry Owen – SCBA President

    Bill Butts – SCBA V President

    Tom Dailey – Laurens Rep

    Henry Lowrimore – Coastal Reg. Rep