SCBA 2023 Summer Conference

It’s All About that QUEEN!

July 27-29, 2023 – Clinton, SC

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The Honey bee QUEEN will be a central focus featuring sessions on

~ Queen Anatomy & Physiology

~ Queen Reproduction

~ Queen Rearing (various methods)

as well as sessions that focus on factors that affect the health of the QUEEN and overall colony management.

Keynote Speakers


Jennifer Berry 

Oxalic Acid Research Wrapup – Saturday 8am
How Urban Landscapes Can Increase Diversity and Abundance for our Pollinators – Saturday 4pm

                                                                                                                                                                                 Sponsored by:

For over 22 years, Jennifer Berry has been the Apicultural Research Professional and Lab Manager for the University of Georgia Honey Bee Program. Her research objectives have focused on queen breeding, improving honey bee health, the sub-lethal effects of pesticides on beneficial insects and IPM techniques for varroa and small hive beetle control, weeds for bees, and what best to plant in non-traditional horticultural landscapes to enhance pollinator populations and diversity. Recently she has become a PhD student and has started teaching the UGA Entomolgy course “Bees, Beekeeping and Pollinator Conservation” alongside Dr. Kris Braman.

More recently, Jennifer has undertaken several ambitious campaigns to educate people from all walks of life. She’s volunteered in Central and South America to teach women and young teens the art of beekeeping in order to enhance their ability for better employment. Jennifer has also been instrumental in launching the Georgia Beekeeping Prison Program. Since its inception, numerous prisons have been added to the fold and are now teaching beekeeping behind bars. Along with learning how to keep bees, inmates are also certified through the University of Georgia Master Beekeeper Program. To date over 160 inmates have become certified beekeepers with several advancing to Journeyman and Master Beekeeper levels. She is also dutifully educating the public about the importance of pollinators and other beneficial insects and how to encourage their populations.

Jennifer is an occasional columnist for Bee Culture magazine and for other publications across the pond. She travels extensively to speak to local, state, national and international students, groups and beekeeping associations.


Rick Coor                   

NCSBA Born & Bred Workshop – Friday and Saturday
Development of the Born & Bred Program / NCSBA Update – Thursday 4:30pm   

                                                                         Sponsored by:

As a North Carolina micro-breeder, Rick Coor is a seasoned queen rearing beekeeper with over fifteen years of experience. Queen rearing is the primary activity of Spring Bank Bee Farm, Inc, a small queen rearing operation in Wayne County, NC.

A long-time member of the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association leadership team, Rick served as President from 2015-2018 and currently serves as First-Vice President. During his tenure as President, he initiated the NCSBA’s Apiculture Science Initiative with the goal of building a new honey bee research lab at NCSU and an endowed professorship in apiculture at NCSU. He also established the Born and Bred queen rearing program; a program to establish an in-state supply of honey bees and queens. He authored the Born and Bred text and is currently the program chairman. He is a North Carolina Master Beekeeper and serves on the board of the North Carolina Agricultural Foundation. Rick currently chairs the NCSBA Endowment Committee which is underway with a fundraising campaign to establish an endowed professorship in apiculture at NCSU.

He has professional experience as a public school teacher (1990-1995) and as a North Carolina building contractor (1996-2003). Rick is knowledgeable in the building trades and is a NATE certified HVAC technician. He owns and manages his apartment business when not working with his bees. Rick’s other interests include the Native American and colonial history of the Carolinas, hiking, antique tractors and spending time with his family.



Chris Werner

“Not so Common, Common Sense Care for the Queen”   Friday 3:30pm – Some advice on how to care for and prepare for your new queen as well as things that we do to ensure you’re receiving the highest quality queen in the best condition possible.
” Where has my honey crop gone? 40 Years of Observation on Honey Flows: the Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” – Saturday 2:30pm
Becky Werner:  “It’s all About the Queen…. Matching Talents to Tasks in the Beekeeping Family” – Saturday 9am

Chris’ first introduction to bees was as a boy when a swarm moved into a tree in his family’s front yard. Chris’ father called a nearby beekeeper who came and collected the swarm – but she also took time to invite him to learn more about bees. She made time to teach him the basics of beekeeping.  After that he kept bees as  4H and FFA projects through high school keeping up to 50 hives. Chris planned to work in the dairy industry but in the 70’s that dream was deflated by the economy and the loss of small dairy farm positions.  He was encouraged by older wiser men to try some other kind of work. One night while watching an old Monty Python sketch they commented “Now for something Completely Different” and so the idea came to him that beekeeping would be something completely different to try as fulltime work.  He was able to get a position with a migratory beekeeper who migrated from Wisconsin to Florida and that was the start of his fulltime career as a beekeeper! He spent several years learning and being mentored by that beekeeper. Then in 1982 he bought 200 nucleus hives and by the time he met Becky in 1985 he had determined that this was the path he wanted to follow.  So, Chris and Becky worked side by side and built Indian Summer Honey Farm from 800 hives to a  multigenerational migratory operation of 4000 hives that focuses on honey production in Wisconsin over the summer months and Queen production over the winter months in Florida.

BreakOut Session Speakers

Conference Information

“The vision for our summer conference at Presbyterian College is that of a beekeeping retreat.  The location was selected to enable you to come for 3 days with the option to stay in the comfortable, convenient dormitories and eat the “made from scratch”, “all-you-care-to-eat” meals in the cafeteria….an all-inclusive event at a very affordable price. Two hotels are located near the interstate within about a 10 minute drive from campus for folks that prefer hotel accommodations and restaurants are located nearby in Clinton.  Friday will feature our Beek Bash BBQ cookout with our first ever “Beek Olympics”.  We are bringing back the “Club Spirit” Award which may be earned through club member attendance, volunteering, and participation in conference activities.  Club members are encouraged to wear their club t-shirts on Friday and join in the fun! Plan to arrive Wednesday afternoon to join in the setup fun and informal discussions.  Informal forums are planned in the evenings with a Cash Bar offered in the Student Center. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!”                                       

                                                                                                                                       ~ Susan Marie Jones, SCBA President

Conference Schedule

Click Each Day Below to Access the Program Schedule

UPDATED: July 17, 2023


Engaging Unique Opportunities:

Honey Judging Academy – Thursday

A full day of training to help prepare you to embark on the journey to becoming a certified honey judge.  Read the full details posted HERE.  This is considered an “Add On” to your conference registration requiring an additional cost of $85 to cover your White Judges Coat and course materials.

Live Bee Yard – Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Work bees with experienced beekeepers as they demonstrate how to read frames, find the queen, mark a queen, perform a mite wash, complete an inspection for a practical exam, and more!  Bee Veils will be required to participate in bee yard activities. Please bring your veil or bee suit!

A Quick Start Guide to a Successful 1st Year of Beekeeping – Thursday

This workshop is recommended for those thinking of starting beekeeping and those who are in their 1st year of beekeeping. We will explore the workings of the hive, seasonal tasks, biology, honey harvesting, diseases and pests, as well as what equipment is needed to start. This course is not intended to replace a full beginner beekeeping course, but is intended to help answer questions and prepare one to have a successful 1st year of beekeeping. Youth ages 12-18 are encouraged to attend.  This workshop is included with either a  daily or full conference registration.

Master Beekeeper Program Testing – Thursday

The SC Master Beekeeper Program will offer the Certified Level Written, the Journeyman Level Written and Written Practical portion, and the Master Level Written, Oral, and Field exams.  Prerequisites apply per the MBP Manual. Advanced registration required by June 30th.

Microscope Lab – Thursday, Friday

Ben Powell, Clemson’s Apiculture & Pollinator Specialist will guide you through disections in Presbyterian College’s state-of-the-art science lab.  Look at bee anatomy under a microcsope….

Vendor Fair & Demonstrations – Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Vendors from all across the nation will display and demonstrate their products.  Many are offering discounts and specials to provide you with the best value in beekeeping equipment and supplies.  Our Vendor Fair provides an opportunity for you to see, touch, feel, and ask the experts about items you’ve only seen in magazines and catalogs.

Born & Bred Queen Rearing Short Course Friday, Saturday

This workshop is presented by Rick Coor of the NC State Beekeepers Association’s Born & Bred Queen Rearing Program.  Beekeepers will receive instruction and become familiar with the techniques and equipment necessary for queen rearing. This workshop will be presented once on Friday and once on Saturday in order to keep the class size small and enable all participants the ability to engage in the classroom and bee yard activities.  This workshop is considered an “Add on” to your conference registration and will need to be selected when you make your conference registration in order to secure your seat and cover the cost of the manual and course materials ($25).  Seats are limited.

Beek Bash BBQ and Beek Olympics – Friday

You will not want to miss this Friday evening Beek Bash.  Cash Bar with BBQ cooked on-site with all the fixin’s will be provided for all with a Full Conference or Friday conference badge.  Registration must be completed by June 30th to guarantee your Bash ticket due to catering deadlines.  Affiliate clubs will compete in our 1st ever Beek Olympics: 10 bee-themed activities geared to get you involved and chuckling.  Participation will help earn points toward the Club Spirit Award.  You might just set a record to challenge others to beat it next year and your club could go home with the coveted Club Spirit Copper Smoker!

Deadline for your Registration to include the Beek Bash BBQ:  June 30th!

Women in Beekeeping – Saturday

The number of women in beekeeping has grown exponentially over the last 25 years, but they are not new to beekeeping! Come hear the stories of how these women forged their way in the beekeeping world.  One session is dedicated to Q&A of a panel of experienced women beekeepers.


Honey Show Information

Enter your HONEY and Bees wax products in our state-wide Honey Show!

View Show Categories and Entry Information by clicking HERE.

View Show Entry Form by clicking HERE.


Every Exhibitor is eligible to compete for a $100 Grand Prize Award!

SCBA Membership and Conference attendance required.

Honey Swap

Each person who desires to participate in the Swap may bring up to 3 – 1 lb jars of labeled honey. 

Honey must be produced and labeled by the one making the submission.

Jars may be submitted in the lobby of Edmunds Hall on Thursday from 4-6pm and  Friday from 3-6pm. 

For each 1 lb jar submitted, the person will receive 1 ticket.

On Saturday afternoon from 1-2:30pm, those submitting honey may SWAP: exchange ticket(s) for a 1-lb jar of honey from the jars that have been submitted.  First Come, First Served in line by the Swap Booth Volunteers.  Any unclaimed honey will be considered a donation.

Door Prize and Goody Bag Contributors

B2 Beekeeping

Bee & Comb

Bee Club Sales

Beekeeper On Duty


Charleston Community Bee Gardens

Clemson’s Apiary Inspection Program

Henry’s Honey

Johnson Bees and Supplies

Keowee Bee

Mann Lake Bee & Ag

Midnight Bee Supply

Millerbees Mfg

OxaVap LLC

Revolutionary Hives

Rossman Apiaries

Shady Creek Bee Farm

South Carolina Specialty Crop Growers Association

Conference Vendor Directory

The following Vendors have committed to attend our 2023 Summer Conference. Click on the Vendor to go to their website.

B2 Beekeeping – Special: Buy 4, get the 5th item free; Sample Pack of our most popular items for $15,00; Wooden gift boxes available

Bee & Comb Use the coupon code “SCBA23” and get 10% off at online checkout.

Bee Club Sales – Lowest price dealer in the USA!

Beekeeper On Duty – Honey Straws! Free Delivery to Conference

Beenevolent –  25% OFF Annual Membership Price for SCBA Conference Attendees Use Code SCSBASUMMER23 Code Expires 1 Week After Conference

Charleston Community Bee Gardens

Johnson Bees and Supplies – Free Delivery to conference for advance sales!

Mann Lake Bee & Ag – SCBA 10% Discount

Midnight Bee Supply– Free Delivery to conference, sale on extractors if you preorder!

Miller Mfg – Special Conference pricing on Cool Blue Ventilated Jackets

OxaVap LLC – All Products will have “show only” pricing during the conference.

Revolutionary Hives

Rossman Apiaries – Premier Frames Complete $3.30 each

The Clinton Chronicle$23 Yearly Newspaper Subscription Promotion

On- Campus Housing

Presbyterian College offers 2 options for On-Campus Housing:

Staton Hall  is Apartment Style Housing featuring an apartment with 4 (lockable) single rooms, and 2 bathrooms (2 single rooms share a bathroom). The common area features a small kitchen area and gathering space.  Furnishings include: a bed, twin XL mattress, desk, desk chair, and dresser.

Georgia Hall  is Suite Style Housing featuring two double (lockable) rooms with one full bathroom between them (Jack and Jill type).  Being suite style, guests will share a bathroom with a roommate (only if desired) and up to two suitemates in the room on the other side of the bathroom. Large common areas are available on each floor with both stair and elevator access to upper floors. Furnishings include: 2 XL twin beds, 2 dressers, and 2 sets of desks with chairs.

Georgia Hall is centrally located and the closest to Neville Hall and the Student Center.  Sold as a double occupancy room – meaning one person purchases the room on their registration and may solely occupy the double room OR may choose to invite a guest to share the room/expense (sublet after registration).  Campus Security requires that the name of the guest be disclosed at check-in.

You may request that another guest occupy the adjoining room, but that guest must request you on their registration.

Amenities include: air conditioning, complimentary washer/dryer, complimentary WIFI

Guests will need to provide their own Twin XL bed linens, blankets, pillow, towels, and toiletries – these items are NOT PROVIDED.

DEADLINE to REGISTER for On-Campus Housing is JUNE 30th.

On-Campus Housing may be added on your selected registration below.

Cafeteria - Meal Plan

The on-campus Greenville Dining Hall offers convenient all-you-care-to-enjoy, made-from-scratch meals.  This pre-paid meal plan guarantees that you will not have to leave campus for meals during the conference.  Vendors are permitted to prepare a “to go” box to accommodate vendor booth schedules.  Meals may be purchased a la carte at the cafeteria door, but pricing will not reflect the advanced purchase plan discount. Advanced purchase is recommended to secure your meal reservation.

Meals include:

Wednesday Dinner

Thursday: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Friday: Breakfast, Lunch

(Friday Dinner Beek Bash BBQ is included for those purchasing a full conference or Friday daily rate registration)

Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch


DEADLINE to REGISTER for the On-Campus Meal Plan is JUNE 30th.

The meal plan may be added on your selected registration below.

Registration Information

ALL Online Registration is now CLOSED.

We welcome you to register upon arrival at the Registration Desk located in the front lobby of Neville Hall.


Youth Rate

THREE full days of conference programming including the Friday evening “Beek Bash” BBQ and “Beek” Olympics.
  •  $50 – for Youth ages 12-17 before July 1, 2023

  •  $55 – for Youth ages 12-17 after June 30, 2023

No Daily Rate is offered.

Conference programming is geared for adults and is generally not appropriate for children under 12. 

All youth are to be accompanied and supervised by a parent. Thank you!

SCBA Member Rate

THREE full days of conference programming including the Friday evening “Beek Bash” BBQ and “Beek” Olympics.
  • $80 – before July 1, 2023

  • $100 – after June 30, 2023

Choose to attend by the day:
  • $30 Daily Rate – before July 1, 2023

  • $40 Daily Rate – after June 30, 2023

Current SCBA Membership is required to use the Conference Member Registration.  Please log in to your SCBA Membership Profile PRIOR to clicking the registration button so that the system recognizes you as a member.  Thank you!

Member Add Ons:

Master Beekeeper Program Testing

Optional Testing Registration Includes Your selected MBP Level Test:

  • Certified Level Written – $10
  • Journeyman Level Written/Practical – $35
    • Must submit 5 Public Service Credits and 3 Minor Credits PRIOR to testing*
    • Must submit beekeeping portfolio with original credit documentation on day of testing
  • Master Level Written – $75
    • Must submit all credits (10 PSC, 3 Major, 5 Minor) PRIOR to testing*
    • Must submit beekeeping portfolio with original credit documentation on day of testing
    • Master Practical and Oral exams will be scheduled during Summer Conference

*All credits should be submitted electronically PRIOR to testing.  

Send Credits/Questions to


Non-SCBA Member Rate

THREE full days of conference programming including the Friday evening “Beek Bash” BBQ and “Beek” Olympics.
  •  $95 – before July 1, 2023

  • $115 – after June 30, 2023

Choose to attend by the day:
  • $35 – Daily Rate before July 1, 2023

  • $45 – Daily Rate after June 30, 2023


Presbyterian College

Address503 S Broad St, Clinton, SC 29325, United States

Link: PC Campus Map

Link: PC Neville Hall Floor Plan

Please DO NOT contact Presbyterian College for conference information, housing, or meals.  SCBA has leased the facilities for the conference and is solely handling the arrangements and programming.  All questions may be submitted through the link at the bottom of this page.

Hotel Information

The SC Beekeepers Association has secured a limited number of discounted room rates with the hotels listed below for the 2023 SCBA Summer Conference being held in Clinton, SC July 27-29, 2023. Select your hotel from the list below and secure your reservations by clicking the booking link or calling in. Make reservations early because rooms are based upon availability and they will go fast.

Participating Hotels – Discounted Rates Good through June 30, 2023:

Hampton Inn Clinton  I-26

Address201 East Corporate Center Drive, Clinton, SC 29325

Includes Free Parking, WiFi, Breakfast.

Use the link below for more information & registration with discounted rate:

Booking link:

Hilton Honors members can use group code SBA in the special rates of their app to make reservations at the discounted group rate.


Comfort Suites – Clinton       Link

12865 Hwy 56 N., Clinton, SC 2932(864) 833-1800
Rate provided through Presbyterian College’s Blue Hose Athletics corporate sponsorship agreement.

Interested in Becoming a Sponsor?

SCBA depends on our conference sponsors to off-set the cost of our conferences for our members and support our Youth Education and Research initiatives. We have several levels of sponsorship to meet most every budget and would love to have you join us in helping to provide quality education and programming for the beekeepers of South Carolina.

Anyone can sponsor – Businesses, individuals, clubs, or organizations!

As a Sponsor, you will enjoy national advertising through our website and social media platforms as well as conference program and signage advertising.   You may select to join us as a Sponsor only or as a Vendor with added sponsorship. Vendors may add sponsorship to their registration accessed separately by contacting  If you choose to also be a vendor at our conference, your vendor placement will be prioritized based on your level of sponsorship.  Sponsors with generous contributions will be provided top conference advertising and vendor placement if applicable. Those selecting just the Sponsor option should use the registration button below.

A Full Conference Registration is included for those sponsoring at $250 or above.    Businesses and Affiliated Clubs may choose to  sponsor a conference activity and name one of their members to fill the complimentary registration. If you are unable to attend the conference, you may indicate that on the sponsorship form.  Attendance is not required for sponsorship.

SCBA is a non-profit organization, but recently filed for a change of status to a 501c3 charitable organization.  Current status is pending, but once approved, any donations received after the filing date of April 26, 2023 may be considered a tax deductible donation.

Thank you for supporting the mission of SCBA in South Carolina!

Interested in Becoming a Vendor?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Vendor at the SCBA 2023 Summer Conference at Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC.

This conference, held on a college campus, provides a unique educational experience for our attendees, but presents challenges to accommodate our vendors in a non-traditional conference space.  The hub of educational activity will be held in the Neville Hall educational building using the front lobby, spacious rear lobby, and 2 adjoining large classroom areas to accommodate our Vendor Fair.  Neville Hall, located between the live bee yard and the Student Center, will house the Vendor Fair, Breakout Sessions, Honey Show and Judging Academy.

All vendor options include 2 conference badges with admittance to the Friday night Beek Bash BBQ.  We have intentionally limited the number of vendors for this conference in order to provide adequate space for both vendors and shoppers.  Dedicated Vendor demonstration times have been built into the schedule to encourage shopping.  Sign up to fill one of the demonstration slots and consider offering a discount or special to coordinate with your demonstration.

Please contact Danny Cannon at with any questions regarding becoming a vendor for this conference.

Conference Questions? Contact Us!